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Envisioning Leadership: Postgraduate study for serving professionals


EPL is pleased to announce that its two postgraduate degree programmes in educational leadership are now accepting applications and are offering scholarships. The logos for the programmes highlight their distinctive features. 

The concentric circles for the Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership and Change (IELC) are indicative of a programme that is global in scope but anchored in the Asia Pacific region. The circles also resemble radio or digital waves, showcasing the IELC's online delivery and the expanding international networks of its participants. These interactions create new opportunities for aspiring and practicing school leaders

The half-circular image for the Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations (LILO) highlights the programme’s emphasis on educational leadership across the emerging regional innovation system in the Greater Bay Area that connects entrepreneurialfuture-oriented cities with the opportunities of Greater China, opening internationally across the oceans. This reflects LILO's emphasis on East-West leadership across the region, developing interprofessional and cross-sector networks, and a particular emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurialism.

International and intercultural leadership  Regional innovation system and East-West leadership 
For in-service professionals  For in-service professionals and educational innovators/ entrepreneurs 
Leading change  Leading innovation and entrepreneurialism 
Six online courses, residential school improvement institute, school-based inquiry project  Five taught courses, virtual consultancy, field study, innovation development project 
Aspiring and practicing school leaders  Aspiring and practicing educational leaders, with an emphasis on understanding middle leadership and innovative team building 
Focused on leadership in international educational environments Focused on interprofessional and cross-sector leadership (government, private/ start-ups, foreign language and international schools, social enterprises, NGOs, professional development providers, other educational innovators) 
Partnerships: International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Assessment International Education, Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change  Partnerships: Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change 
www.eduhk.hk/ielc  www.eduhk.hk/lilo
ielc@eduhk.hk  lilo@eduhk.hk