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Dr MAK, Wing Wah Pauline

Dr MAK, Wing Wah Pauline

Assistant Professor

Journal Publications


  • Mak, P. & Wong, K. M. (2017). Self-regulation through portfolio assessment in writing classrooms. ELT Journal, 72(1), 49-61. More Details
  • Yuan, R. & Mak, P. (2016). Navigating the challenges arising from university-school collaborative action research. ELT Journal, 70(4), 382-391. More Details
  • Lee, I., Mak, P. & Burns, A. (2016). EFL teachers’ attempts at feedback innovation in the writing classroom. Language Teaching Research, 20(2), 248-269. More Details
  • Lee, I., Mak, P. & Burns, A. (2015). Bringing innovation to conventional feedback approaches in EFL secondary writing classrooms: A Hong Kong case study. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 14(2), 140-163. More Details
  • Mak, P. & Lee, I. (2014). Implementing assessment for learning in L2 writing: An activity theory perspective. System, 47, 73-87. More Details

Book Chapters


  • Lee, I. & Mak, P. (2017). Classroom atmosphere. In John I. Liontas (Ed.), TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching . New York: Wiley.
  • Lee, I. & Mak, P. (2014). Assessment as learning in the language classroom. In (Ed.), Assessment as learning . Hong Kong: Education Bureau.