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Vision & Mission



Our vision is to become a world leader in English language education, nurturing graduates with a global, critical and forward-looking mindset, developing digital and intercultural literacies and achieving excellence in multidisciplinary research to make a positive social impact in language learning and teaching.




To realise our vision, we will endeavour:

  • To enhance the quality of English language education through teaching, research, and community service, with an impact on local schools, educational policies and the wider community;
  • To excel in the established areas of expertise in TESOL curriculum in multilingual settings, technology-mediated English learning and teaching, teacher education, language practices and language policies in schools and other social contexts;
  • To produce quality research that provides foundation for our classroom teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  • To nurture graduates with both in-depth theoretical understanding and pedagogical skills in English language teaching;
  • To engage in professional connections regionally and internationally in order to exchange knowledge and promote collaborations.