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Course IDCourse TitleParticipant Group
ECP0201700353-day Course for Non-language Teachers on Enhancing Classroom Communication by Using Subject-specific Language in EnglishSecondaryMedium of Instructioncoordinators, deputy heads, panel heads, school head and teachers
ECP020170038In-service Professional Development Programme: 4-day Course for Secondary School Teachers on Teaching Science Education Key Learning Area in the English MediumSecondaryMedium of Instructioncoordinators, deputy heads, school head and teachers

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Course Material
Course BookTopic 1
Topic 2Topic 3
Topic 4Topic 5
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Introduction and Topic 1Topic 2
Topic 2-2 Information Report Topic 2-3 Process Description 
Topic 2-4 Process Explanation Topic 2-5 Comparison-contrast 
Topic 3Topic 4
Topic 5Topic 2 Workshop
Topic 2 Vocabulary LearningTopic 4 Activity 1
Argument textPhysics text change