“Heart-to-Heart Connect” Programme for Two Generations of Teachers in Caring Quality Development (Donated by the Wong Shek Yung Charitable Foundation)
1 August 2019 - 30 April 2022

Sponsoring Body

The Wong Shek Yung Charitable Foundation



Target Group

Pre-service teachers

Project Introduction

CRSE initiated this project with a series of workshops/day-camp/activities organized for pre-service teachers. The pre-service teachers will gain the opportunity of field experience and learn from their mentors, the in-service teachers, on how to care for students in school by shadowing and co-operating in a mini “caring” project.

The study embedded in this project aims at 1) exploring the understanding of caring competence of pre-service and in-service teacher; and 2) assessing the changes of caring competency of pre-service teacher through training on caring ethics and internship in schools with the supervision of outstanding in-service caring teachers.

(Expected) Outcome

  • To broaden the horizon of around 100 pre-service teachers and internalize a set of good values (eg. knowing oneself, emotion management, communication skills, value declaration, social cognition, lifelong learning and 21st Century skills);
  • To enhance the teaching virtue of the pre-service teachers through mentorship scheme.

For more details, please see the Chinese version.