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Dr McMaster, Scott R.

Scott McMaster

Assistant Professor
Photography, Crowdsourcing Culture

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Dr McMaster, Scott R.

Assistant Professor



Dr. Scott McMaster is a Newfoundland born artist, educator, and newly appointed Assistant Professor of Visual Arts in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts the Education University of Hong Kong. Dr. McMaster successfully completed his Elliot Eisner Award Winning PhD in Art Education at Concordia University, Montreal.

His recent research involved crowdsourcing drawings from around the world to explore globalization through the lens of popular visual culture. His photos explore abstract landscapes of waste and follow the de-evolution of man-made materials, playing upon viewer’s notions of narrative and traditional beauty:

Dr. McMaster has just been awarded an Early Career Scheme funding from the Research Grants Council to study the Hakka Villages of North East Taipo.


Profile Details

  • Qualifications

    PhD (Concordia University, Canada)

    MEd (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)

    BFA (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)

  • Selected Outputs (APA style)

    • Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters
    • McMaster, Scott (2016). Crowdsourced Representation: People’s Drawings of Culture in a Globalized World. Emme & Shields (Eds.), Emergent Art Education in Canada, pgs. 56-66 (55-66). Victoria, BC.: Canadian Society for Education though Art (CSEA).
      Journal Publications
    • MCMASTER, Scott R. (2018). Crowdsourcing Global Culture: Visual Representation in the Age of Information. Visual Arts Research, 44(2), 0-0.
    • McMaster, Scott R. (2017). Truth in Photography or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Press the Shutter. The International Journal of the Image, 8(2), 77-98.
      Creative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies
    • McMaster, Scott R. (2019). Monochrome: A juried international photography exhibition. PH21 Gallery. Budapest: PH21 Gallery.
    • McMaster, Scott R. (2018). Interference. 9th International Conference on the Image. Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery: Common Ground Publishing/ International Conference on the Image.
    • McMaster, Scott R. (2018). The Layers at Street Level. Hong Kong International Photography Exhibition (HKIPF). The Mills Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.: 10th Annual HKIPF.
    • MCMASTER, Scott R. (2018). Six in Seven: Visualizing Hong Kong's Labour at Street Level. IVSA 36TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE (EXHIBITION). Paris/Evry, France.
  • Research Projects (Title, Year)

    Crowdsourcing Global Culture: Visual Representation in the Age of Information. (2017)

  • Prizes and Awards

    2017 Elliot Eisner Doctoral Dissertation Award (National Art Education Association)

  • External Appointments

    • Course developer, University of the West Indies, Barbados
    • 2014-2015 (MSc Developing Instructional Design)
    • Instructor, Concordia University, Montreal Canada
      2014 (Light Based Media)
    • Part time faculty, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia
      2013 (application of learning theory in multimedia design/ designing web based learning/ integration of instructional design and information technology)
    • Instructor, Concordia University, Montreal Canada
      2013 (Light Based Media)
    • Senior full-time lecturer, Kyungnam institute of technology, Busan South Korea
      2008-2010 (Department of Education & Tourism)
    • Full-time Lecturer, Dong Eui University, Busan South Korea
      2004-2007 (Department of General Education)
  • Major External Research Grants

    • No Heritage Found on the Map: The Vanishing Villages of Hong Kong, UGC/RGC, (2019)
    • Crowdsourcing Global Culture: Visual Representation in the Age of Information. Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC), (2017)