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Research Fundings


Creating Connections: A Study of the Impact and Effectiveness of a Visual Arts Teacher-Curator Pedagogy

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Reserach Fund 2020-21)


National education as cultural education: Developing students’ Chinese cultural identity with learning and teaching Cantonese opera in Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Reserach Fund 2019-20)


A Reappraisal of Ancient Glass in the Han period (206 BCE-220 CE)

Dr Lam Hau Ling Eileen (General Reserach Fund 2019-20)


Hong Kong Art Deco: Theatre Buildings and the Rise of Modern Cinema in Transforming the City’s Socio-cultural Landscape

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (General Reserach Fund 2019-20)


National education as cultural education: Developing students’ Chinese cultural identity with learning and teaching Cantonese opera in Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Reserach Fund 2019-20)


Early 20th Century Mediated Pedagogy: An Historical Study of the Emergence of Music Appreciation

Dr Thibeault Matthew Doran (General Reserach Fund 2019-20)


No Heritage Found on the Map: The Vanishing Villages of Hong Kong

Dr McMaster Scott R (Early Career Scheme 2019-20)


A Study of a Visual Culture Art Education Model for Promoting Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in the Senior High School Context 

Dr Lau Chung Yim (General Reserach Fund 2018-19)


The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Digital Production: A Study of the Maker Culture in Hong Kong

Dr. Song Min Jeong (Early Career Scheme 2018-19)


The Tang music in Motomasa no Fue-fu, an early twelfth-century Japanese source

Dr Ng Kwok Wai Kolly (Early Career Sceheme 2017-18)


An Ethnographic Study on Chinese Private Museums in the Context of the China’s Recent Cultural Policies

Dr Leung Hok Bun Isaac (Early Career Sceheme 2017-18)


Project Title Duration Principal Investigator Grant An Investigation of the Use of Group Dialogue and Questioning Strategies with Primary School Students Learning Visual Arts in Museums and Schools

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Reserach Fund 2017-18)


Music Composition Intelligence: an empirical study to observe compositional approaches and compositional thinking during the creative process of computer-assisted composition in secondary school

Dr Chen Chi Wai Jason (General Reserach Fund 2016-17)


Enhancing music learning with mobile technology: Using tablet music sequencing application to facilitate music creation for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Music Examination

Dr Leung Chi Hin (Early Career Scheme 2016-17)


Building a Modern City: First-generation Chinese Architects in Colonial Hong Kong, 1920s - 1950s

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (Early Career Scheme 2015-16)


Beyond Imitation: Ritual Objects, Pictorial Representations and Religious Beliefs of Han China

Dr Lam Hau-ling Eileen (Early Career Scheme 2014-15)


The Nature of Creativity in Cantonese Opera: Perceptions of Artists, Connoisseurs and Beginners and their interaction

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Reserach Fund 2014-15)


Developing students’ critical response to visual arts: A study of inquiry approaches and outcomes in learning art criticism

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Reserach Fund 2014-15)


Transmission and Pedagogical models in Cantonese Opera: A study of the Chinese oral and the Western Conservatory Traditions in Hong Kong

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Reserach Fund 2011-12)



Teaching Fundings


Enhancing Student’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Promoting Wellbeing through Arts at Community Setting

Dr Yim Kim Ping (Teaching Development Grant 2020-21)


Developing cultural sensitivity and enhancing curriculum design through Chinese paintings in Hong Kong

Dr Lau Ying (Teaching Development Grant 2020-21)


STEAM Education: Virtual Reality, Creative Coding, and Interactive Design

Dr Cheng Lee (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)


STEAM Education: Empowering Students to Become Music Inventors through the Application of Coding, Electronic Building Blocks and Contemporary Music Composition Techniques 

Dr Leung Chi Hin (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)


Enhancing Learner Autonomy through Teacher Curatorship on an Online Learning Platform in Appreciating Hong Kong’s Cultural Heritage

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)