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Research Fundings


Power of Texts: Inscriptions on Ritual Objects of the Han Period (206 BCE−220 CE)

Dr Lam Hau Ling Eileen (General Research Fund 2023-24)


The Japanese Shakuhachi or Chinese Chiba? Investigating the Modern Shakuhachi in China

Dr Matsunobu Koji (General Research Fund 2021-22)


Creating Connections: A study of the impact and effectiveness of a visual arts teacher-curator pedagogy

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Research Fund 2020-21)


National education as cultural education: Developing students’ Chinese cultural identity with learning and teaching Cantonese opera in Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Research Fund 2019-20)


A reappraisal of ancient glass in the Han period (206 BCE-220 CE)

Dr Lam Hau Ling Eileen (General Research Fund 2019-20)


Hong Kong art deco: Theatre buildings and the rise of modern cinema in transforming the city’s socio-cultural landscape

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (General Research Fund 2019-20)


Early 20th century mediated pedagogy: An historical study of the emergence of music appreciation

Dr Thibeault Matthew Doran (General Research Fund 2019-20)


No heritage found on the map: The vanishing villages of Hong Kong

Dr McMaster Scott R (Early Career Scheme 2019-20)


A study of a visual culture art education model for promoting creativity and critical thinking skills in the senior high school context 

Dr Lau Chung Yim (General Research Fund 2018-19)


The work of art in the age of post-digital production: A study of the maker culture in Hong Kong

Dr. Song Min Jeong (Early Career Scheme 2018-19)


The Tang music in Motomasa no Fue-fu, an early twelfth-century Japanese source

Dr Ng Kwok Wai Kolly (Early Career Scheme 2017-18)


An Ethnographic Study on Chinese Private Museums in the Context of the China’s Recent Cultural Policies

Dr Leung Hok Bun Isaac (Early Career Scheme 2017-18)


An investigation of the use of group dialogue and questioning strategies with primary school students learning visual arts in museums and schools

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Research Fund 2017-18)


Music composition intelligence: An empirical study to observe compositional approaches and compositional thinking during the creative process of computer-assisted composition in secondary school

Dr Chen Chi Wai Jason (General Research Fund 2016-17)


Enhancing music learning with mobile technology: Using tablet music sequencing application to facilitate music creation for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Music Examination

Dr Leung Chi Hin (Early Career Scheme 2016-17)


Building a modern city: First-generation Chinese architects in colonial Hong Kong, 1920s - 1950s

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (Early Career Scheme 2015-16)


Beyond imitation: Ritual objects, pictorial representations and religious beliefs of Han China

Dr Lam Hau-ling Eileen (Early Career Scheme 2014-15)


The nature of creativity in Cantonese opera: Perceptions of artists, connoisseurs and beginners and their interaction

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Research Fund 2014-15)


Developing students’ critical response to visual arts: A study of inquiry approaches and outcomes in learning art criticism

Dr Tam Cheung On (General Research Fund 2014-15)


Transmission and pedagogical models in Cantonese opera: A study of the Chinese oral and the Western conservatory traditions in Hong Kong

Prof Leung Bo Wah (General Research Fund 2011-12)



Teaching Fundings

AI-Driven Creativity in Art Education

Dr Zoran Poposki (Teaching Development Grant 2023-24)


The Wheel of Emotions in NFT Musicking

Dr Li King Yue Philbert and Dr Leung Chi Hin Michael (Teaching Development Grant 2023-24)


Visualization and concretization of creative thinking through online STEAM teaching

Dr Wong So Lan (Teaching Development Grant 2020-22)


Enhancing student’s pedagogical content knowledge for promoting wellbeing through arts at community setting

Dr Yim Kim Ping (Teaching Development Grant 2020-21)


Developing cultural sensitivity and enhancing curriculum design through Chinese paintings in Hong Kong

Dr Lau Ying (Teaching Development Grant 2020-21)


STEAM education: Virtual reality, creative coding, and interactive design

Dr Cheng Lee (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)


STEAM education: Empowering students to become music inventors through the application of coding, electronic building blocks and contemporary music composition techniques 

Dr Leung Chi Hin (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)


Enhancing learner autonomy through teacher curatorship on an online learning platform in appreciating Hong Kong’s cultural heritage

Dr Lau Leung Kwok Prudence (Teaching Development Grant 2018-19)