Launch of Storybook Series by Alumna Steffie Lui, an EASE Fund Awardee
Alumna Steffie Lui (right) graduated from the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Programme and the Master of Education Programme of EdUHK. Winning the first Education And Social Entrepreneurs Fund (EASE Fund), Alumna Lui was awarded a HK$120,000 “EASE Fund” last year and established her startup “Stardust Hall”. Alumna Lui’s first series of storybooks “Contagious Magic of Moral Education” has been launched.
During her studies at EdUHK, Alumna Lui was interested in developing positive personalities among children through storybooks. After graduation, she became a frontline kindergarten teacher, as well as an early-career researcher interested in combining early childhood storytelling with moral education. To pursue her dream of setting up her own company with a focus in moral education for early childhood, Alumna Lui applied for the EASE Fund Scheme 2018/19. With the seed money obtained, she started her entrepreneur journey with her knowledge acquired at EdUHK.
Alumna Lui holds a strong belief that children’s moral education has to be nurtured through stimuli, not by rote learning or imposing a consequence of punishment. Thus, unlike traditional wordy content, her new book series focuses on her own original plots, themes, characters, and attractive illustrations, which provides room to respond and react, stimulating discussions among children. It highlights six virtues, including honesty, courage, self-discipline, cooperation, positivity, and love and kindness. It also includes some critical questions for teachers and parents to guide and go through with their children during reading.
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