Announcement of Excellent e-Teaching Student Award 2020/21 Results – Phase 2

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Announcement of Results for the “Excellent e-Teaching Student Award 2020/2021 (Phase 2)”

The SPFEO is pleased to announce the results of “Excellent e-Teaching Student Award 2020/2021” (Phase 2). Congratulations to all award recipients!

Student Name

(in alphabetical order)

Faculty Programme Year of Study Video
Chau Cheuk Lam Esti FLASS BEd(S)-ICT 5 Coding – Scratch
Cheung Cho Shan FLASS BA(CAC) & BEd(VA) 5 鬼知你畫咩?
Cheung Chun Mo FLASS PGDE (P) 1 Environmental Life
Cheung Ying Ying FEHD HDECE 2 顏色的變化
Li Ka Wing FEHD HDECE 2 巴士司機(幫助我們的人)
Li Wai Kit FLASS BEd(S)-ICT 5 AI Virtual Pet Project (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence)
Lo Han Chi FEHD PGDE(ECE) 1 Environmental Protection – What do we recycle?
Ma Wing Yan FLASS PGDE (P) 1 愛護學校
Wong Hoi Yau FEHD HDECE 2 小農夫
Wong Yan Lam & Chow Kei Kwai FEHD HDECE 1 四季 – 秋天樹葉大變身
Yu Wai Lam Brenda FEHD BEd(PVE) 3 Family
Yu Yuen Fei FLASS BHE 2 眼部健康主題:《做個醒「目」人》

Awarded videos will be uploaded to the EdUHK Online Classes Platform and the Award Presentation Ceremony will be conducted in 19th November 2021 (Friday).

For enquiries, please contact Ms Winnie Wu at 2948-6370 or via e-mail at

School Partnership and Field Experience Office

8 April 2021