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E-learning is an integral part of teaching and learning in the Faculty of Education and Human Development. To align with the e-learning strategies of the Faculty, the Department has developed research projects for adopting online learning tools to enrich the learning experience for our students.


Developing and evaluating e-portfolio for the final year project (FYP)

Project Leader: Dr. Leung Chi Hung

The most attractive feature of an e-portfolio is the high student involvement in curating its content, often through discussion or negotiation with teacher. The portfolio provides a more rounded and reliable assessment of learning than written examinations or essay assignments alone. An evaluation-based learning system for the final year project was set up as an e-portfolio for students to monitor their learning process during the semester. This included two online evaluations of research methods. Lecturers revisited the content of research methods based on the result of online evaluations, and gave online reading materials and articles to both an experimental group (SN) and a control group (SN) in order to help them write different parts of the project. The control group (Non-SN) didn’t receive any online materials. There were also two online quizzes to re-assess how much they understood the content of research methods again after receiving online materials/articles and lecturer's supervisions in both the experimental group (SN) and the control group (SN), with the control group (Non-SN)receiving only the lecturer's supervision.
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