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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


We aim to be recognized as a centre of excellence that provides leadership in the research training and practice of special and inclusive education, guidance and counselling, speech-language pathology, dyslexia and learning difficulties within the local community, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.


  • We aim to prepare our course participants and teachers to be exemplary practitioners in schools, NGOs and professional organisations, by helping them to acquire the knowledge and expertise in their chosen fields and cultivate among them a positive attitude towards serving diverse populations in mainstream and special settings. We will do this by:Offering high quality programmes in special and inclusive education, guidance and counselling, and communication and speech disorders; enabling educators to support the academic and emotional needs of all learners;
  • Being recognized for our expertise and professionalism in the provision of excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship;
  • Valuing our relationship with our students and developing strong partnerships with colleagues in other departments, schools and service organisations, both locally and internationally;
  • Collaborating with regional and international researchers in conducting high quality research; and by
  • Providing a creative, dynamic and challenging environment for learning, teaching and research, that encourages and supports new initiatives and ideas.


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