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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


We dedicate ourselves to supporting people with diverse educational needs, their caregivers, educators and facilitators, and contributing to and informing special/inclusive education and guidance and counselling in the local community, the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, with cutting-edge research studies, updated knowledge, effective products and resources, and tailor-made services.


  1. Provide quality education and training to our course participants, and prepare them to become exemplary practitioners in the relevant fields.
  2. Conduct cutting-edge research studies in the fields related to special/inclusive education and guidance and counselling, and establish long-term and sustainable research development that will contribute to the knowledge bases and practices in our disciplines.
  3. Emphasize internationalization, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and innovation to impact research, policy and practice at multiple levels.
  4. Develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders in the relevant fields, and work together with them closely for the goals of special/inclusive education and guidance and counselling.


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