Minor in Japanese Studies (NEW)

Minor in Japanese Studies

Aims of the Minor

In line with the University’s twin goals of internationalisation and developing students’ global awareness, the Minor in Japanese Studies programme is primarily designed to enrich our students’ major studies by content learning (eg Japanese culture, history and current affairs) at the University or during their exchange semester(s) in a Japanese university. The second objective of this Minor programme is to equip our students with intermediate competence in the Japanese language, which allows students to use Japanese in everyday situations.

Minor Requirements (15 CPs)

This Minor is open to all undergraduate students. To declare the Minor, students are required to take 4 core courses plus 1 elective course from the following list: 

Domain Course Code Course Title CPs
Core LIN1012 Japanese I* 3
LIN1013 Japanese II 3
LIN2034 Japanese III 3
LIN3037 Japanese IV 3
(Choose any 1 course)
LIN3032 Japanese Language and Culture 3
HIS3010 Modern Japan and its Neighbors since the mid-19th Century 3

*Students who have basic Japanese proficiency have the option of taking an additional elective from the list to replace Japanese I. Students' proficiency will be assessed before approval to do so is given. 

Departmental Coordinator
Dr Luk Pei Sui Zoe Tel: 2948 7570 Email: psluk@eduhk.hk

Student Enquiry
Ms Teresa Yeung Tel: 2948 7263