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Student Organizations

Xinchuan Literary Club


Xinchuan Literary Club was established in 1999. The club’s name contains the idea of “passing the torch”, and the club helps the flame of literature to be passed at The Education University of Hong Kong. Xinchuan Literary Club is devoted to improving members’ knowledge of literature and their ability to appreciate and create literature. When the club invites local authors to exchange ideas and comments with the members, or when it organizes various literary activities, members gain new knowledge and aesthetic experience. All EdUHK students and faculty members are welcome to take part.


Some past activities of the Xinchuan Literary Club are described below. The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies is proud to support these activities and many more to come.


Reciting Club

“20th Anniversary of the Establishment of Modern Poetry Reciting Club, Xinchuan Club”, gathered Hong Kong’s famous poets at EdUHK.


Literary Seminar


Literary Walking Tour


Reading Club


Meetings with Authors


Creative Writing Workshop


Film Appreciation


Visiting with Authors


Literary Publications