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Prof ERNI , John Nguyet

Prof ERNI , John Nguyet

Dean(HM) / Faculty of Humanities
Chair Professor

RGC HSSPFS (Humanities & Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme, Hong Kong Government Research Grants Council):



Principal Investigator, “Human Rights Museums in the Transpacific: A Comparative Study of Cultural Institutions for the Histories of Difference and Resistance,” RGC Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (Project no.

32001019) (1/1/20 – 31/12/20) (extended to 2021 due to COVID-19)


RGC GRF (General Research Fund, Hong Kong Government Research Grants Council) (formerly CERG):


2019-2020                  Principal Investigator, “A Cultural Study of Volunteer Traveling, Transnational Civic Participation and Youth Idealism: The Case of Voltra,” RGC GRF (Project no.:

12667618) (1/1/19 – 31/12/20)



Co-investigator, “Media and (Minority) Participation of South (East) Asian in Hong

Kong” (PI: Lisa Leung), RGC GRF (Project no. LU131085) (1/1/18 – 31/12/19)



Principal Investigator, “Toward an Ethnic Cultural Citizenship: A Cultural Indicator and Mapping Study of Popular Arts Participation among South and South East Asian Youth in Hong Kong,” (Co-I: Audrey Yue), RGC GRF (Project no.: 12660516) 

(1/1/17 – 31/12/18)



Principal Investigator, “Visual Narratives and the Making of Ethnic Feelings: A Cultural Study of Affect, Ethnicity, and Practices of Social Recognition among

South Asians in Hong Kong,” RGC GRF (Project no.: 340411) (HKD936,406;

USD120,052 (including on-costs)) (1/1/12 – 31/12/14)



Co-investigator, “Creative Belonging: A Qualitative Study of Translocal Tactics of

Cultural Negotiation among Ethnic Minority Youth,” (PI: Lisa Leung), RGC GRF

(Project no.: LU341008) (HKD511,960; USD65,636) (1/1/09 – 30/6/11)



Principal Investigator, “Toward an Interconnected Cultural Citizenship: An

Empirical Study of a Transborder Public Culture of Health in the Hong Kong-

Guangdong Region,” RGC CERG (Project no.: LU142607) (HKD505,050; USD64,750)

(1/1/08 – 31/12/09)



Principal Investigator, “Agents of Cultural Circulation: An Empirical Study of the

Tourist Service Class as Cultural Intermediaries in the Pearl River Delta,” RGC CERG

(Project no.: LU 1457/05H) (HKD586,336; USD75,171) (1/1/06 – 31/12/07)



Principal Investigator, “Transnational Text, Local Reading: A Reception Study of Harry Potter and the Formation of Middle-class Culture in Urban China,” (Co-I:

Anthony Fung), RGC CERG (Project no.: 9040854) (HKD566,600; USD72,641) 



Co-Investigator, “Popular Culture Consumption and Youth Identities in Hong Kong: Trajectories and Transitions,” (P.I. Anthony Fung), RGC CERG (Project no.: CityU

1056/99H) (HKD452,000; USD57,950) 


RGC Strategic Public Policy Grant



Co-Investigator, “Mapping the Hong Kong Game Industry: Cultural Policy, Creativity and the Asian Market,” (PI: Anthony Fung), RGC Strategic Public Policy Grant (Project no.: 4001-SPPR-09) (HKD3.5 million; USD448,718) (1/1/2010 – 31/12/2014)


Outside Grant:


Co-Investigator, “Research on Programme Evaluation and Assessment of Health

Literacy Education,” (PI: Anthony Fung), Jockey Club Food Assistance Programme

2.0 (HKD4,506,000; USD577,691) (1/10/2021-31/10/2023)


University Grants (selected):



Principal Investigator, “Postgraduate Student Conference in Humanities –

“Negotiating Identity and Creativity in Times of Crisis,” University Conference

Grant, Research Committee & Faculty of Arts (Project no. RC-CONF/20-21/06),

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD49,850; USD6,391)



Co-investigator, “Exploring Creativity and Selves in Hong Kong’s Disabled

Communities,” Initiation Grant for Faculty Niche Research Areas (Project no. RC-

FNRA-IG /19-20), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD1,000,000; USD128,205)



Principal Investigator, “Transpacific Cultural Studies of Gender, Migration, and Rights,” Graduate School Multi-site Interdisciplinary Research Grant (Project no.

36-16-009), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD246,600; USD31,615) (1/1/2018 –

31/12/2019; extended to 31/12/2020)



Principal Investigator, “New Transnational Youth Idealism and Volunteer

Traveling: The Case of Voltra” (Project no. FRG2/16-17/089), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD149,180; USD19,125)



Principal Investigator, “Open World Empire: The Cultural Politics of Interactivity in the Transpacific,” (Project no. FRG2/16-17/035), Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD177,520; USD22,760)



Co-investigator, “Negotiating Precarity and Youthful Mobility: Globalized Labor and the 417 Working Holiday Maker program,” School of Culture and Communication Research Incubator Scheme, University of Melbourne

(AUS$4,971; HKD30,000)



Principal Investigator, “Toward an Ethnic Cultural Citizenship: A Cultural Indicator Study of Popular Arts Participation among South and Southeast Asian Youth in

Hong Kong,” FRG Cat I (Project no. FRG1/15-16/004), Hong Kong Baptist University

(HKD49,700; USD6,372)



Principal Investigator, “Youth’s Self-imaging of Body and Gender,” Institute of

Creativity Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKD100,000; USD12,820)