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Dr CLAPP, Jeffrey Michael

Dr CLAPP, Jeffrey Michael

Associate Professor

Dr. Jeffrey Clapp focuses on literature in English, and is writing a book about contemporary literature in the United States. His previous writing has appeared or will appear in College LiteratureCritiqueLife WritingPartial AnswersPost45, Textual Practice, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, and elsewhere. He is the co-editor of a collection of essays entitled Security and Hospitality in Literature and Culture


Dr. Clapp is director of the large-scale community reading project 我城我書 / One City One Book Hong Kong and general editor of Xi Xi City, a digital humanities project that celebrates the work of Hong Kong's most delightful writer. 


Dr. Clapp has been exploring the capacities and affordances of social annotation technologies for tertiary pedagogy. A first set of results has appeared in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.


His office is B3-2/F-17.