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Dr CHEUNG, Hiu Yan Alice

Dr CHEUNG, Hiu Yan Alice

Lecturer II

Aging, Rejuvenation and Environment in Chinese and European Early Modern Literature
This project seeks to examine the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of how faculty in universities in Hong Kong and Chicago can use Early Modern literature to encourage students to consider topics such as, aging, rejuvenation and the environment in a cross-cultural dimension. We are interested in studying how our current epistemologies, when dealing with these three topics, can be affected by the intercultural understanding and communication of values in a comparative perspective. By bringing together a discrete number of professors associated with the University of Chicago as well as faculty members from two different universities in Hong Kong in China, our goal is to study the styles, practices and logics of our research and teaching about the process of aging, techniques and rites of rejuvenation. We wish to examine the role that our cultural, emotional and geographical surroundings play in our understanding of these notions and practices. To accomplish this, we will focus on our field of specialization, early modern literature. We intend to discuss to what extent our current multidisciplinary approach is able to encourage not only future research but also find new ways to teach these topics in a more critical manner, and how new technologies can assist us in this process.
Project Start Year : 2019

Chief Investigator(s) : Frederick A. De Armas  (Dr CHEUNG, Hiu Yan Alice 張曉恩 as Team Member)