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In its Strategic Plan, the EdUHK has clearly affirmed the importance of non-local learning experience to students and set down policies and guidelines to encourage and facilitate them participating in various type of activities outside Hong Kong. Students can carefully plan and select the learning programmes which match their aspirations during the study at EdUHK.

Also, the University has provided various financial assistance to help easing students' burden in joining these programmes.

Student Exchange Programmes

Semester-long, credit bearing learning programme at host universities

Short-term Programmes and Summer Programmes

Non-credit bearing visits or study programmes

Cultural and Language Immersion Programmes

Programme/Subject-specific learning programme

Service Learning and Internship

Work and service programmes that foster the career development and global perspective of students

Outreach Programmes for Postgraduate Students

To engage full-time postgraduate in learning or research experience outside Hong Kong

Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) are provided for EdUHK students to widen their international and Greater China Region perspectives as well as increase their cultural awareness. Exchange abroad destinations cover more than 20 countries/regions around the world, including but not limited to North America, Europe, Australia and the Greater China Region.

SEP are administered by the Global Affairs Office (GAO) and details are given below:

Short-term Study Visits in the Greater China Region

The Global Affairs Office (GAO) co-organises a series of short-term visits/study programmes with partner institutions in the Mainland and Taiwan. The theme of these programmes varies and the duration are from several days to several weeks. By joining the short-term programmes, students can better appreciate the culture and customs, as well as social and economic development of the Mainland and Taiwan.

For details, please visit GAO's webpages.

Summer Programme@Partner Institutions

A variety of summer programmes are offered by our partner institutions in summer time and students can pick “the ONE” that best suits their cultural/academic enhancement needs from South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, etc. These summer programmes provide students with an exceptional opportunity to combine a quality learning with an unforgettable summer experience. Undergraduate students of different cultural background can immerse themselves in a multicultural environment to learn from each other in lectures, cultural excursions and in-depth discussions on specific issues around the globe. Details of Summer Programme@Partner Institutions are given at here.

English Language Immersion Programmes

All BEd(EL) students go abroad to study in an English-speaking country (Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada as some of the recent destinations) and complete a 15-week semester studying alongside local students in the university while earning credits towards their EdUHK bachelor degree. They would also attach to a local school. Each student lives with a local family and learns about the local way of life by living it. The experience of living and studying overseas improves their English proficiency and broadens their understanding of English-speaking cultures. Students grow in confidence and make friendships and connections that last for years.

PGDE English Language Immersion Programme (PELIP) is a 6-week intensive language immersion programme for student teachers who study English as their major subject in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education programme. The aim is to further develop participants' English language proficiency and understanding of the teaching/ learning of English as a second language in an English-speaking country. Over the past few years our student teachers have studied in Australia, the United Kingdom or New Zealand for their immersion experience. Throughout the six weeks, participants are involved in an intensive programme of academic and sociocultural activities. They also have chances to engage in lesson observation and teaching in local primary or secondary schools where they experience a different education system in action and try out a range of teaching strategies and approaches. During their stay, all participants live with host families and experience local life in an English-speaking context.

For details of the immersion programmes, please visit the Department of English Language Education.


To prepare students for the globalised world, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) organises “Career Development Summer Internship (Overseas & Greater China Region)”. Through placements in different places e.g. Australia, Germany, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Mainland China, students gain exposure to the workplace beyond the educational sector and develop open attitudes towards cultural diversity.
For details, please see Career Development Internship Programme (CDIP) and Career Development Internship Programme (Greater China Region).

Leadership and Service Learning

The University attaches high importance to nurture caring leaders with social commitment and global awareness. By taking part in “Leadership & Service Learning Programmes”, students are equipped with leadership ability and generic skills. Through joining local and overseas community service projects, students’ sense of social responsibility is enhanced. Examples of Leadership and Service learning activities include Adventure Education Leadership Programme, Effective Leader Course, Leadership Enhancement & Development (LEAD) Programme, Service Exposure for Global Awareness (SEGA), Sunshine in the Storm, Pinehill Project. Details of Leadership and Service Learning are given at these links:
Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Programme
Service Exposure for Global Awareness (SEGA) Programme

International Teacher Training Programme

EdUHK provides a great opportunity for student-teachers from overseas partner institutions to gain classroom experience in another cultural setting through its International Teacher Training Programme.
For details, please see https://www.eduhk.hk/gao/en/page_content.php?level=3&id=78.

To provide global engagement and overseas learning opportunities for research postgraduate students, the International Outreach Study Programme (IOSP) has been organised annually. Groups of students visited universities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and Japan to participate in organised scholarly activities such as attending academic writing workshops as well as sharing research findings with postgraduate students and researchers in the host institutions.

More information on supports to postgraduate students can be found at webpages of the Graduate School.