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Career Development Internship Programme 2019 (CDIP)

Overview of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)   
Application Guidelines (Overseas)
Logistic Arrangement, Estimated Cost & Subsidy, Visa Requirements of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)

Other Modules of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)


Overview of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)


To prepare students for the globalized world, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) organizes Overseas internship programmes. Through placements in different countries, students gain exposure of the world outside the educational sectors and develop open attitudes towards cultural diversity. In 2018, around 140 students have attended an 8 weeks* internship in different locations between late May and August during their summer holidays. As for CDIP 2019, below locations are available for selection:

Overseas’ countries:
Africa, Australia (Conservation Volunteers Australia/ Corporate), Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK and the US

*For 2018 programme, the duration of internships was 4-8 weeks. The duration of internship depending on individual needs of the placement organizations



Attend the following session to learn more about the programme details, application method, selection procedures and training offered to successful candidates. Awardees of “Learning Award for Workplace Effectiveness Enhancement” will also share their experiences in the briefing session.

Date:    9 Jan 2019 (Wednesday)
Time:   12:30 – 13:30
Venue: D1-LP-06
Register NOW! – https://uslinux.eduhk.hk/enroll/course1.php3?groupid=SAOLD


I.     Placement Details

CDIP offers a great variety of placements, the job scoped ranging from Administration, Animal & Wildlife Conservation, Chamber of Commerce, Education, Environmental Protection, Event Planning, Marketing & Promotion, Marketing Research, Project Management, Translation & Publication, and NGO, etc.

Internship details are downloadable as below (updated as at December 2018):

Placement details of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)


II.    Target Participants

Non-final year full time undergraduate students are welcomed to apply for the programme, applicants will be invited to attend an interview during 18 Jan or 21 Jan 2019.


III.   Programme and Training Schedule

It is important that students are well prepared for the internship in order to maximize their learning during their internship. A series of training programmes will be provided and interns are required to attain a stipulated attendance of the sessions.

Items Date
Briefing session 9 January 2019
Application Deadline 16 January 2019 (23:59)
Selection Interview 18 – 21 January 2019
Result Announcement (1st round) By 28 January 2019
Preliminary Offer Pre-acceptance Briefing
(sharing by past interns will be arranged)
13 February 2019
Deadline of accepting Preliminary Offer
(A deposit will be collected*)
19 February 2019
Job Matching and Nominations February – April 2019
Result Announcement (2nd round) (Depends on the no. of placements not taken up in the 1st round or new placements secured) Late-February to March 2019
Final Offer Confirmation
(Confirmation of internship organization and job details will be announced)
March – June 2019
First pre-placement training session – Introduction + Employer’s expectation 25 March 2019
Second pre-placement training session – Excel training session April/ May 2019
Third pre-placement training session – Pre-departure presentation by interns May 2019
Internship 4 to 8 weeks between late May and August 2019

*The deposit paid will be forfeited if students withdraw from the CDIP due to personal reasons after 19 February 2019. SAO will refund the deposit to those who do not have final offers after multiple nominations.