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Supervisor - Y.C. Lee
Diversity of Living Organisms
Biology Demo Online
Dissection of Human Body
Biology Reference Websites
Chinese Translation of Biology Terms
Biology Education Forum

Supervisors - Dr. Y.C. Lai & Dr. Eugenia Ng 
Changjei Cyber Classroom
Computer History
Computer Virus
Get to know Computer Component
Chinese Translation of Computer Terms
Computer Education Forum

Supervisors - Dr. May Lai & Dr. Winnie So
Science Classroom
Science Process Skills
Science Education Reference Websites
Chinese Translation of Science Terms
Science Classroom Forum
Science Process Skills Forum

Web Authoring
Learning the HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
A sample of courseware layout design
A simple strategy for authoring interactive multimedia courseware
Using Netscape Composer to develop homepage
Basic tools for authoring homepage
Publications of the Project Team Members
Write to us
HAS Centre Discussion Forum
  E-mail: has@sci.ied.edu.hk
3D Visualisation and Virtual Reality
3D Visualisation Through Shutter Glasses
3D Photo Objects
Panoramic Scenes
VRML Objects
Anaglyph Images Through Red-Blue Glasses
Random Dot Stereograms

Supervisors - Dr. YEUNG Yau Yuen
& Dr. NG Pun Hon
Sound Waves
Noise Pollution
Units of Measurement
Basic Mathematics in Mechanics
Work and Energy
Radiation Physics
Digital Electronics
Virtual Reality Crystal Lattices
Physics Demo Online
Physics Reference Websites
Millikan Oil Drop Expt.
Franck-Hertz expt.
Conversion of Units
Chinese Translation of Physics Terms
Physics Education Forum

Supervisors - Dr. Y.K. Man, Y.K. Ng 
& K. S. Leung 
Number Theory
Chinese Translation of Mathematics Terms
Mathematics Education Forum
Science Education
Online Search
Exhibition of Student Home-page Projects
Teacher's Multimedia Lecture Presentations
  • Dr. Yeung's lectures
  • Dr. May Cheng's lectures
  • Field Experience
    Field Experience Support on Science Web Site
    Online Chinese Translation
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