3D Photo Objects

This technology is very effective in helping the students get familiar with new science specimen or equipment.It can provide interactivity to the users for conducting scientific investigation. You can view the following objects from different angles. Remember to click on the photo and then move your mouse around. Similar to the production method of the panoramic scenes, we just need a digital camera mounted on a fixed stand and take 18 to 24 photos on different angles of the object which is placed on a rotatable disk. Another kind of commercial software is used to stitch all the photos together into one single image which has all the overlapping areas removed. Again, this technology requires the Apple QuickTime VR plug-in or the Sun's Java virtual machine for display.

Many HKIEd students in various teacher-education programs with majors in Science, General Studies, Music, Design & Technology and Art etc. have incorporated this technology for developing some teaching materials in their own subject disciplines.

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