Panoramic Scenes

Panoramic scenes can provide interactivity to the users for conducting scientific investigation because we can use mouse to rotate the scene by 360 degrees and to zoom in or zoom out the scenes to locate features of special interests as well as their relative positions and orientation. The production method is so simple that most student-teachers can master the techniques within half an hour and they often employ this method to develop some 3D/VR resources in their online project reports. This technology requires some free software plugins like the Apple QuickTime VR or Sun's Java virtual machine for display in a computer monitor. It has become very popular on the Internet for introducing site map (tourist guide) and sales of estate properties. In education, this can be employed as some virtual field trips in the study of ecology (biology), environmental science and physical geography. In this courseware, we provide examples for virtual tour of the campus and the science laboratories and in the Intranet a number of student projects which are embedded with one or more panoramic scenes. Related to field experience in teacher education, the student-teachers can conduct virtual site visit of many different types of schools and science laboratories without spending any time for traveling.

Useful resources and hyperlinks:

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A school Science laboratory A school Science laboratory

HKIEd Central Plaza

HKIEd Central Plaza (Java version)

HKIEd Main Entrance

HKIEd Physics Laboratory

Physics Laboratory (Java version)

Lion Nature Education Centre

Chinese Herbs

Virtual Reality Tour of HKIEd Campus Virtual Reality Tour of HKIEd Campus

VR 360 Tour of EdUHK Campus and Science Laboratories

(View with 3D goggles or Google VR cardboard)

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