Anaglyph Images Through Red-Blue Glasses


This is one of the oldest and best known 3D technologies that are still commonly used nowadays and this is a very inexpensive alternative to the 3D shutter glass technology.  For 3D visualisation, you need to wear a pair of glasses with red filter on the left-hand side and blue (or cyan for better quality but some images may require the green one) filter on the right-hand side (like the icon shown on the upper left corner of this paper).  While the old anaglyph images usually distort the original colors of the objects, the present technology could preserve the full color to some extent.  Most often, prolonged visualisation through the filter glasses could cause some unpleasant feeling to many people.

Apart from giving profound impact on the students' learning and visualisation of the science objects, those images can be taken as a pedagogical example by themselves for demonstrating the application of complimentary colors in the study of color science.

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3D Pictures

Human Skull Ear Bones
Carbon-60 Molecule Landscape in Mars
A Cut-off Head Human Body
Hong Kong Central Hong Kong Park
Waterfall HKIEd Campus
3D Videos
Eye Model Mobile Phone
Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment

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