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Hypermedia and Self-Learning Centre

The Hypermedia And Self-learning Centre (HAS Centre) was established in 1998 as a virtual centre of interactive hypermedia materials for self-learning at HKIEd. This project is funded mostly by the Teaching Development Grants in 1995-98 Triennium, UGC through the Teaching & Learning Quality Assurance Committee, HKIEd.  Furthermore, it contains many materials funded by other sources such as the HKIEd Research Grants and Special Projects Fund as well as the contributions from individual HKIEd teaching staff and past and current HKIEd students.

The planning stage of the HAS Centre was even well before the HK Chief Executive's announcement of IT in Education policy (Oct., 1997). Our initial idea was to provide some hypermedia materials on the Internet to help the HKIEd students to strengthen their academic background through self-learning as many of them come with varied level of academic abilities. At that time, there was very little hypermedia materials available from local commercial publishers, especially in Chinese because most people were still talking about ISP or making portals of hyperlinks while we were one of the very very few persons who were doing the job of "content creation". Now, the HKEDCity is also positioned itself as a content provider, i.e. three years behind us. Hence, it should be realised that the HAS Centre is playing a pioneer role in content creation in HK.

Concerning the unique features of this set of courseware, there are in fact a wide spectrum of interactive technologies embedded in various parts of the Physics Playground courseware. There are java-applets in the Sound Wave courseware, VRML in the Crystal Lattices courseware, shockwave, flash, 3D visualisation and VR in the Millikan and Franck-Hertz expts. etc. Since our target readers are HKIEd student-teachers, we stress on variety, high-level critical thinking and independent learning rather than absolute quantity of colorful and attractive features. Of course, the world is advancing so rapidly that many new and advanced techologies are emerging, enabling us to add more advanced technologies but some of our existing 3D and VR technologies are still taking the leading exemplary role in teacher education. Our student-teachers will not only learn through those technologies but also will be able to apply them to develop teaching materials for their future classroom teaching and learning activities.

In a word, the HAS Centre plays a unique and pioneer role in a certain field of teacher education. Her readers include many students outside HKIED, as the third party's web counter indicates more than 500,000 visits since the first 3 years of its launching. We hope most readers could appreciate our special effort and make creative and effective use of the selected multimedia resources in this website for their own teaching or self-learning.

Happy Teaching and Happy Self-learning!!!

Dr. YEUNG Yau Yuen

Principal Project Supervisor and Webmaster

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