Hypermedia and Self-Learning Centre
List of Project Team Members
Principal Project Supervisor: Dr. YEUNG Yau Yuen
Co-supervisors: Dr. LAI CHENG May Hung, May 
Dr. LAI Yiu Chi
Mr. LEE Yeung Chung 
Dr. MAN Yiu Kwong 
Dr. NG Mee Wah, Eugenia 
Dr. NG Pun Hon 
Mr. NG Yui Kin 
Dr. SO Wing Mui, Winnie 
Dr. TSANG Po Keung, Eric 
Adviser: Dr. K.K. MARK
Other Authors: Mr. LEUNG King Shun 
Mr. LEUNG Min Wing, Raymond 
Research Assistants: Mr. LEE Shui Nga 
Mr. WONG Chi Fai 
Mr. LEUNG Ngan Chung, Murphy
Technical Assistants: Miss CHAN Wai Lan, Claudia 
Miss CHAN Yuen Shan, Jessie
Mr. IP Ho Yeung 
Miss KWAN Sze Lan, Ivy 
Mr. LEUNG Chun Lee, Sunny 
Miss YEUNG Fung Ying
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