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The subject areas selected for this project bear something in common, namely the extensive use of (chemical/mathematical) formulae, graphs, photos and/or diagrams which require quite intensive efforts of treatment before we could establish the corresponding WWW homepage. Furthermore, audio, video, animation and interactive simulation, which require both advanced audio-video equipment and computer support, are well-known to be essential for effective self-learning of those subjects. Therefore, special technological knowledge and support are commonly required and could better be shared amongst co-supervisors of different disciplines, leading to the development of many staff expertise. Besides, the creation of Chinese self-learning materials in the Internet will be very unique all over the world and could certainly help to solve the problem of lacking Chinese references for post-secondary students in Hong Kong.

The output of this project will include a website containing many WWW homepage of self-learning materials in various subjects (in English and/or Chinese) for on-line browsing and one or more corresponding CD-ROM titles for off-line distribution. The subsequent questionnaire survey and/or quality interview for assessing the students' attitude towards this mode of self-learning in various disciplines and courses could lead to a number of educational research projects and conference presentations.

Finally, the teaching and learning quality in HKIEd will be enhanced/improved through the following processes/mechanisms:


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