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Intranet for Students


This Intranet website contains HKIEd students' homepage projects for various science modules such Science, Technology & Environment, Learning Science in the Community, Exploring Science, Computers in Physics, Energy and Physical Phenomena and Further Physics etc. as well as the teacher's multimedia lecture presentations. It is accessible by HKIEd teachers and students only. 

How to enter the Intranet for Students: You need to provide your user name e.g. s97123456 where 97123456 should be replaced by your HKIEd student number and usual network account password for entering into this website. 

shpp.gif (1788 bytes) Exhibition of Student Home-page Projects
The Science students in certain modules of various programs are required to do self and peer-ratings of their projects according to some specific instructions

Enter the Exhibition
tmlp.gif (2400 bytes) Teacher's Multimedia Lecture Presentations
This is the animation homepage version for the the teacher's PowerPoint presentations in lectures.  It is established to support the students' revision of the modules concerned and so duplication for re-distribution is strictly forbidden.

Enter the Lecture Presentations - by Dr. Yeung

Enter the Lecture Presentations - by Dr. May Cheng

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