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Research at FLASS

Academic and teaching members in the constituent departments of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences are actively engaged in a variety of research, educational, and cultural projects of benefit to academia, schools, and the community. Research and inquiry among staff members on topics in fields including art, Asian studies, business, health and fitness, information technology, mathematics, music, policy studies, science, and the social sciences have been funded by a range of internal and external sources. Creating synergy to broaden the scope of our research beyond individual disciplines and to elicit its educational and pedagogical implications, the Faculty also collaborates in different projects reflecting our strength in interdisciplinary studies.
Our research areas include:
  1. Art
  2. Asian Studies
  3. Business
  4. Health, Physical Education, and Sports Science
  5. Information Technology
  6. Interdisciplinary Studies
  7. Mathematics and Mathematics Education
  8. Music
  9. Policy Studies
  10. Science, and
  11. Social Sciences
The Research Information Core Hub (RICH) places on record the achievements of staff and the Faculty’s research centres. It also serves as an important platform to communicate to our stakeholders the intensity of research activities in the Faculty and its increasing impact and recognition in Hong Kong and internationally.  Please click here to access the research project and outputs of the Faculty members.