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Dean's message
Prof Li Wai Keung

Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Diversity is at the heart of FLASS, which is a big family of dedicated educators, committed researchers and diligent students. The Faculty, which comprises five academic departments, three research/resources centres, covers a wide range of subjects. These include science and environmental studies, social sciences, mathematics, information technology, policy studies, creative and performing arts, health and physical education. The diversity of our academic disciplines enables our students to have ample opportunities to expose themselves to a variety of perspectives and knowledge sets.
In postmodern society where diversity is becoming increasingly prominent, subjects/disciplines are intersecting with one another more and more, and those with a well-rounded personality and knowledgeable in a range of areas are in great demand. To meet the needs of our society and beyond, FLASS provides our students with a comprehensive education, equipping them with the necessary academic knowledge and skills for the teaching profession or other career opportunities.
As part of our mission, we at FLASS are devoted to nurturing our students to be caring leaders with a global vision. In the current big data era, knowledge will have to keep up with the pace of change. That is why another part of our mission is to conduct impactful research that will enhance the wellbeing of humankind and support our teaching needs. With the efforts of our dedicated staff and students, the Faculty will continue to do its best to serve our society and beyond by realising its mission.


  • Nurturing caring leaders with global vision
  • Conducting research to enhance human well-being
  • Fostering an interdisciplinary research and innovative teaching culture
  • Reaching out to promote social change
  • Engaging in international / regional collaborations for academic excellence


  • Teaching Excellence and Innovation
  • Research Advancement
  • Exchange Enhancement
  • Entrepreneurial Faculty

Strategic Development Areas

  • Diversifying Academic Programmes
  • Enriching Students’ Learning Experiences
  • Enhancing Research & Development
  • Promoting Internationalization and Regional Outreach
  • Engaging Actively with School and Community
  • Developing Caring Faculty for Student Learning
  • Assuring Academic Quality and International Benchmarking
Aspiring to be a leading university in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on Education and complementary disciplines, and recognised for our excellence in nurturing competent and caring professionals and the impact of our scholarship, the FLASS is currently experiencing rapid expansion in terms of academic and research programmes. Based upon our very strong research and academic links with regional and international institutions, the FLASS aims at expanding its undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programmes by launching joint-degrees at both UG and PG levels with leading universities in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.