24 Apr 2024
FLASS students showcase their excellence at the 11th Hong Kong Outstanding Prospective Teachers Award
14 Mar 2024
EdUHK and Tianjin University of Sport Renew MoU
23 Feb 2024
EdUHK Values Education Conference
27 Jan 2024
EdUHK 30th Anniversary Walkathon Fundraising & Education Day
16 Jan 2024
EdUHK Elite Athletes Awarded Nissin Foods (Hong Kong) Charity Fund Scholarship
21 Dec 2023
EdUHK holds the 4th Greater Bay Area Life Education Creative (Microfilm) Competition Award Ceremony
18 Dec 2023
EdUHK Joins Alliance of Institutions in Shandong, HK and Macao to Collaborate in Higher Education and Research Development
19 Nov 2023
EdUHK Alumni Cantonese Opera Concert
30 Oct 2023
EdUHK Recognises Asian Games and Asian Para Games Athletes
25 Oct 2023
17 FLASS Scholars Named World’s Top 2% Scientists by Stanford University
24 Oct 2023
EdUHK Scholars to Share Views on Policy Address
01 Jun 2023
EdUHK Launches New 'GS Mini Theatre' Video Series
30 May 2023
EdUHK Wins Seven Awards at Geneva’s Invention Expo
19 May 2023
EdUHK President’s Awards Honour Outstanding Staff
15 May 2023
EdUHK President’s Commendation Scheme Recognises Outstanding Students
11 May 2023
25th Primary STEM Project Exhibition
04 May 2023
EdUHK and Huawei Collaborate to Establish ICT Academy
20 Apr 2023
EdUHK Releases Survey Results of Audience Views on Cantonese Opera Performances in Hong Kong
23 Mar 2023
EdUHK Releases Pedagogical Approaches on AI Tools to Promote Self-regulated Learning
18 Mar 2023
EdUHK Releases Hong Kong’s First ‘Yueju Accomp’ Application
06 Mar 2023
New Discovery: RGC-funded Project Proves Existence of Dark Matter Surrounding Black Holes
04 Mar 2023
EdUHK Launches Jockey Club Sports Empowering Programme
06 Feb 2023
EdUHK Joins Hands with Xiqu Centre to Stage Cantonese Opera Teaching Awards Ceremony
20 Jan 2023
EdUHK Seminar on Local Sports Development
10 Dec 2022
EdUHK Establishes GBA Cantonese Opera Development Alliance
29 Nov 2022
Research Breakthrough: Marine Animals Able to Cope with Ocean Acidification through Epigenetic Changes
28 Oct 2022
Nineteen FLASS scholars included in the list of the world’s top 2% scientists
17 Oct 2022
EdUHK Scholars to Share Views on Policy Address
17 Sep 2022
EdU Autumn Mini Fair
24 Aug 2022
EdUHK Launches Home Economics Programmes to Cater for School Demand
05 Aug 2022
EdUHK Joins Nation-wide Network to Promote Physical and Health Education
21 Jul 2022
A big round of applause to awardees of the President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance 2021/22
30 Jun 2022
FLASS secures HK$6.63 million of funding from Research Grants Council
31 May 2022
EdUHK Introduces Cantonese Opera Teaching Award
28 May 2022
Ten FLASS students recognised as model prospective teachers
20 May 2022
EdUHK Outstanding Students Win ‘For Our Future’ Scholarships
16 May 2022
EdUHK and MIT Scholars Co-edit Publication on Computational Thinking Education
03 May 2022
EdUHK President’s Commendation Scheme Recognises Outstanding Students
11 Apr 2022
Top Scientist Professor Wong Ming-hung Elected to Prestigious European Academy
24 Mar 2022
Dr Ma Jun on “Green Finance: China and International Initiatives”
20 Mar 2022
EdUHK Clinches Six Awards at International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
07 Feb 2022
17 Jan 2022
EdUHK Integrates Coding with Subject Knowledge to Enhance Learning Effectiveness
09 Jan 2022
通識導賞:趙永佳×呂大樂 貼地社會學聚焦社區 鏡粉、「觀塘老母」有得研究
07 Jan 2022
EdUHK Research Contributes to Debate on Pension Reform and Policy
07 Jan 2022
EdUHK Scholars among World’s Top 2% Most-cited
27 Dec 2021
Dr Lobo Louie: We Can All Win!
13 Dec 2021
02 Dec 2021
EdUHK Receives Generous Donation from FHKA in Support of Elite Athletes’ Dual Pathway
01 Dec 2021
Professor Keith Ho Named Highly Cited Researcher for the Fourth Consecutive Year
22 Nov 2021
趙永佳、李越民:做好社區工作 打通城市治理的最後一公里
15 Nov 2021
EdUHK Launches Multidisciplinary Programmes to Prepare Professionals for Tomorrow
11 Nov 2021
EdTech Innovations Claim 10 iCAN Awards
30 Oct 2021
EdUHK Virtual Information Day 2021
25 Oct 2021
趙永佳、聶琳:社會企業助力青年發展 人才培養尤為重要
28 Sep 2021
Professor Philip Yu Leung-ho: Embracing AI in STEM Education
27 Sep 2021
趙永佳、周志清:發展體育 培訓基層教練是重中之重
26 Sep 2021
EdUHK Student Ceci Lee Wins Gold in Road Cycling at National Games
19 Sep 2021
Dialogue with EdUHK’s Olympic Medallists
18 Sep 2021
Congratulations to EdUHK Master’s Student on Winning Karate Bronze at National Games
08 Sep 2021
EdUHK Receives HK$10.01M Funding for Empowering Coaching
31 Aug 2021
EdUHK Launches Elite Athlete Friendly University Fund
28 Aug 2021
EdUHK Alumni Cantonese Opera Concert Promotes the Legacy of Cantonese Performing Arts
21 Aug 2021
EdUHK Student Claims First Prize in 2021 Tsinghua International Policy Case Analysis Competition
19 Aug 2021
Professor Lui Tai-lok: Making an Impact: From Research to Reality

18 Aug 2021
EdUHK Policy Research Informed Health Care Reform in Mainland China and Hong Kong
18 Aug 2021
Inaugural issue of FLASS FORWARD - FLASS's newsletter launched!
08 Aug 2021
Congratulations! EdUHK Honorary Fellow and Alumna Sarah Lee Wins Olympic Bronze
07 Aug 2021
Symposium for Hong Kong New Generations of Cantonese Opera Playwriting
05 Aug 2021
EdUHK Students Win Bronze! Congratulations to Our Two Team Table Tennis Olympians
20 Jul 2021
Good Luck to EdUHK Students at the Olympics
11 Jul 2021
EdUHK Promotes Cantonese Opera Education to Foster Development of Performance Style
09 Jul 2021
EdUHK Public Policy Scholars Top Research Impact Rating in Research Assessment Exercise
29 Jun 2021
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Makes Solid Progress in 2020 Research Assessment Exercise
28 Jun 2021
EdUHK Scholar Co-authors Article Published in Nature Climate Change
17 Jun 2021
Dr Song Yanjie: m-Orchestrate app to Enhance Teacher Orchestration for Students’ Collaborative Science Inquiry
14 Jun 2021
EdUHK Athletes Lift Inter-University Trophies
07 Jun 2021
Dr Hung Keung named Artist of the Year
27 May 2021
Professor Keith Ho Wing-kei: Novel Air Purifiers Using New LED Activated Graphitic Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst
27 May 2021
EdUHK President’s Awards Honour Outstanding Staff
20 May 2021
EdUHK Scholar Co-authors Study Published in Nature Research Covers Humans’ Historical Adaptation to Climate Change
10 May 2021
Geography Student Receives Award in French Speech Competition
28 Apr 2021
EdUHK Wins Seven Awards at 2021 Geneva’s Inventions Expo
25 Apr 2021
EdUHK Teams Shine in Inter-University Badminton Competition
23 Apr 2021
EdUHK Start-up Awarded Seed Funding from Cyberport
13 Apr 2021
EdUHK Team Awarded Championship in Virtual Reality Game Design Competition
09 Apr 2021
EdUHK Organises Charity Film Show to Support Student Development
25 Mar 2021
EdUHK Launches "GS Mini Theatre" Video Series
05 Mar 2021
EdUHK Award-Winning Innovations Salon – “Invent • Edu-novate • Cohesive Community”
23 Feb 2021
EdUHK President’s Commendation Scheme Recognises Students’ Achievements
22 Feb 2021
EdUHK Scholars to Share Views on Budget
21 Feb 2021
EdUHK Enlivens Mathematics Learning through Songs and Animation
16 Feb 2021
STEM Room Drives Innovative Learning and Teaching
01 Feb 2021
EdTech Innovations Receive Six Awards in Taiwan
14 Jan 2021
“Facts and Figures Generation” Platform to Help Students Develop Healthy Financial Habits
08 Jan 2021
EdUHK and SF&OC Sign MOU to Promote Continuing Education among Retired Athletes
22 Dec 2020
EdUHK Scholars Named by Stanford University in World’s Top 2% Scientists
08 Dec 2020
Dr Hung Keung Receives DFA Design for Asia Awards
01 Dec 2020
Professor Li Wai-keung Awarded Journal of Time Series Analysis Distinguished Author
01 Dec 2020
Elite Athletes & Alumni: Combining Competition with Classroom
01 Nov 2020
EdUHK and Microsoft Hong Kong Join Hands to Enhance ICT Capacity of Future Educators
29 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020
EdUHK Artists’ Works Featured in Drawing Exhibition
07 Sep 2020
Welcoming Remarks from the Dean of FLASS for 2020/21
03 Sep 2020
Professor Leung Bo-wah Named President-Elect of the International Society for Music Education
19 Aug 2020
Journal Co-edited by Professor Darryl Jarvis Ranked Top by Web of Science
10 Jul 2020
Prof Li Wai Keung is conferred Emeritus Professor title and named Distinguished Author
10 Jun 2020
Online PE Teaching Pilot for SEN Children
08 Jun 2020
Finding Yourself by Observing Nature – An interview with Dr Li Wai-chin
01 Apr 2020
Dr Keith Ho Named among Most Highly Cited Researchers 2019
12 Mar 2020
Dr Alex He: Transforming the Health System for Old Adults through WHO Project
04 Mar 2020
Dr Koji Matsunobu’s Patented Innovation: A Mouthpiece with a Supporting Windway
24 Feb 2020
EdUHK Elite Athletes: Exercise to Fight against Epidemics
19 Feb 2020
Dr James Lam Receives Natural Science Award from the Ministry of Education
05 Feb 2020
Dr Pei Qing Receives Natural Science Award from the Ministry of Education
20 Dec 2019
Dr Keith Ho Honoured for Innovation in Environmental Technology
16 Dec 2019 to 18 Dec 2019
Eco-Garden On Campus Promotes Sustainability Education
05 Dec 2019
EdUHK Holds International Symposium on the Transmission of Cantonese Opera and Traditional Music 2019
24 Nov 2019
EdUHK Students Win First Prize in National Mock Mayor Competition
12 Nov 2019
Visual Arts Student Wins International TAKIFUJI Art Award
31 Oct 2019 to 03 Nov 2019
EdUHK Music Education Innovations Awarded in iENA Nuremberg
26 Sep 2019
Dream chasers and dream enablers
17 Sep 2019
Data Scientist Professor Li Wai-keung Takes the Helm of FLASS
03 Sep 2019
EdUHK Men’s Team Takes the Championship in Inter-university Basketball Tournament
14 Aug 2019
Alumnus Yan Siu-Kang: Early Advocate of STEM
31 Jul 2019
Hong Kong’s First Ever International Geography Olympiad
19 Jul 2019
Webpage on Preventing Sexual Harassment
09 Jul 2019
Dr Hung Keung Recognised for Digital Design
24 Jun 2019
Life Education and Citizen Science through Tree Protection and Conservation project
06 Jun 2019
EdUHK Student Shek Wai-hung Scoops Two World Cup Gym Golds
03 Jun 2019
Dr Zoran Poposki Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
03 Jun 2019
Dr Chan Man-ho Receives International Acclaim for Emergent Gravity Essay
16 May 2019
EdUHK President’s Awards Honour Outstanding Staff
30 Apr 2019
EdUHK members to represent Hong Kong in Touch World Cup
23 Apr 2019
EdUHK Wins Five Awards at the Geneva’s Invention Expo
20 Apr 2019
EdUHK and Tianjin University of Sport sign MOU to Enhance Collaboration
08 Apr 2019
Dr Kris Hartley Awarded Fulbright Fellowship
24 Jan 2019
Health and Physical Education Alumni Awarded for Teaching Excellence
03 Jan 2019
Innovation for Change – EdUHK Award Winning Innovations Salon
20 Dec 2018
Dr Ho Wing-kei Named among Most Highly Cited Researchers 2018
03 Dec 2018
Book Launch of Dual Career Pathway of Elite Athletes
20 Nov 2018
Dr Hung Keung Receives Silver Medal at iENA Exhibition
13 Nov 2018
Dialogue with Dr Jane Goodall: Symposium on Human Dimension on Wildlife Conservation and Education for Sustainability
09 Nov 2018
Dean’s Research Prize (2017-18)
03 Oct 2018
EdUHK Innovations Harvest Awards in Toronto
25 Aug 2018
Taking a gap year – at 12. How six Hong Kong families removed the stress from their children’s lives
01 Jun 2018
Dr Lung Heung-wing: Teaching to the Beat of the Drum
01 Jun 2018
Nothing to Lose at the Starting Line
18 May 2018
Official Launch of RCTCO at EdUHK
01 Dec 2017
Professor Stephen Chiu Wing-kai: Give Parents a Choice