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Teaching Award Scheme

The EdUHK, in line with tertiary institutions around the world, sponsors teaching awards for exemplary teaching and good scholarship of teaching, by members of its staff. FLASS Teaching Award Scheme (TAS) is established to recognize, encourage and reward excellence in teaching and sustained involvement in disseminating and sharing the results of effective and innovative teaching. This emphasizes the University’s commitment to:
(a) fostering teaching excellence;
(b) improving student learning;
(c) encouraging innovative teaching; and
(d) providing leadership in sharing good teaching practices.
The awards also help to stimulate discussion within the University about the nature of teaching quality and encourage widespread sharing amongst colleagues. 

Nomination Guidelines, Selection Processes and Nomination Form

Please click here for details. [For graduates, please contact us by email (flass@eduhk.hk) for details about the nomination.]

List of Awardees

Teaching Awards 2022/23
Teaching Awards 2021/22
Teaching Awards 2020/21
Teaching Awards 2019/20
Teaching Awards 2018/19 
Teaching Awards 2017/18

Teaching Awards 2016/17
Teaching Awards 2015/16
Teaching Awards 2014/15
Teaching Awards 2013/14
Teaching Awards 2012/13 (Vacant)
Teaching Awards 2011/12
Teaching Awards 2010/11
Teaching Awards 2009/10