創新教學是本學院的價值宗旨及重點工作之一。我們匯集教育界菁英,致力在課程設計、學習資源開發、教學活動、評核設計及活動方面革新課程。此外,我們還率先推行電子/ 混合教學模式。


Project Leader: Prof. Lim Cher Ping
Department: Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The project won a grant from UGC Teaching and Learning Grant. HKIEd and PolyU are lead institutions with HKU, HKUST and BU as partner institutions. The project aims to unify professional development through a common foundation course for blended learning and develop a model for the formation of learning communities in academic faculties. The Institute will build the capacity of academic departments for blended learning by adopting a grassroots approach towards development The emphasis will be on the formation of professional learning communities, customized department-based support, creation of a common vision and development of a prototype alternative model of professional development in higher education.

Project Leader: Dr. Emma Buchtel
Department: Department of Psychological Studies

Dr Buchtel adopted innovative teaching practices in a course on Cultural Psychology based on her research on cultural stereotyping. To prevent students from misunderstanding research findings about cultural differences in psychology, the course content and activities of “Being Chinese: Insights from Cross-Cultural Psychology” were adapted to emphasize both the effects of cultural influences on psychology, as well as the diversity of individuals within cultures. To give students a real experience of explaining cultural differences in a non-essentializing way, she added online, cross-cultural interaction between students of HKIEd and the University of British Columbia. Positive impact on student learning, especially in terms of avoiding stereotyping, was evidenced.

Project Leaders: Dr. Tang Yee Fan Sylvia, Dr. Qian Haiyan
Departments: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Early Childhood Education, Department of Education Policy and Leadership, Department of Psychological Studies, Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning, Department of Special Education and Counselling

Online course materials including audio / video were developed. Honours Project I will be launched for Year 4 students of the Five-year Bachelor of Education Programme in 2015/16. Each year, more than 500 students will learn with the e/blended learning materials of the Generic Research Methods part of the course. Students selecting Research Areas offered by the Faculty will also learn with the e/blended learning materials of the Discipline-based Research Methods part of the course.

Project Leader: Dr. Bryant Darren Anthony
Department: Department of Education Policy and Leadership

The IELC is the HKIED’s first online programme. It is delivered through the Moodle Learning Management System and eBooks. Online delivery permits asynchronous participation of international students. Further, the eLearning approach permits the use of a range of pedagogies including online presentation, simulations, and discussion forums. Students are impressed in general by the simulations that facilitate higher levels of learning.

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Project Leader: Dr. Szeto Sing Ying Elson
Department: Department of Education Policy and Leadership

The project aimed to adopt a team approach to exploring innovative pedagogies in a blend of face-to-face teaching in digital classrooms with interactive online activities for extension of authentic learning. This collaboration strengthened individual team members’ capacity to exploit opportunities for blended and online learning, and exchanged ideas to cope with pedagogic challenges and technological integration.

Project Leader: Dr. Szeto Sing Ying Elson
Department: Department of Education Policy and Leadership

This project is a significant academic development of the Institute under the Wuhan Declaration. This agreement aims to share quality courses with students attending the partner universities as a professional community of higher education in the Greater China Region. The course titled Teaching in Changing Times is the Institute’s first fully online undergraduate course developed by the academic team under the declaration. As a pioneer collaboration, the project demonstrates a breakthrough of teaching leadership across the six partner universities from the Mainland, Taiwan and Macau. The outcomes of this academic development are expected to benefit interested students and the universities as a form of knowledge transfer/exchange in the Region.

Project Leaders: Dr. Bryant Darren Anthony
Department: Department of Education Policy and Leadership

The Project is an inter-departmental platform that connects colleagues from six departments in pilot-testing blended learning instruction in various programmes. Expected outputs include: exemplars of blended learning course materials; a blended learning pedagogy/strategy inventory; a blended learning interest group seminar series; a case album containing individual blended learning projects; a column in a learning and teaching wensure. These will be widely disseminated. Participating faculty and teams will, in addition, publish academic journal papers in order to publicize individual project findings and the project’s overall results. The study may have great impact on student learning across programmes and disciplines in FEHD. Our experience of promoting pedagogical innovation at the Faculty level will be shared to encourage institutional support for teachers.

Project Leaders: Dr. Chan Po Lin Pauline and Dr. Lee Kwok Yeung Barry
Department: Department of Early Childhood Education

The project promotes evidence-based reflective practices among pre-service students by providing evidence-informed teaching supervision through the use of an iPad. This project adopts the use of the iPad and relevant applications to allow teaching practice supervisors to capture teaching moments in digital forms which can enrich discussion and reflection in post-teaching conferences with shared perspectives from supervisors and students.