FEHD guides teachers in remote learning - 最新動向 - 教大教育及人類發展學院




FEHD guides teachers in remote learning


As an advisory board member of the Teacher Professional Development at Scale (TPD@Scale) for the Global South Coalition funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), FEHD has launched the Teacher’s Guide for Remote Learning. 
The guide is designed to support teachers to engage their students during the current school closures and beyond. The guide is the collaborative efforts of FEHD with the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (Philippines), Education Research and Innovation Laboratory for Latin America and the Caribbean (Chile) and RTI International (USA).
It illustrates key principles and tasks needed for remote learning. The guide examines course content, learning profiles and student needs, and how to design and implement remote learning to enhance access to quality education.

Download the guidebook here: https://tpdatscalecoalition.org/2020/04/coalition-covid-19-response