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Prof GU, Mingyue Michelle

Prof GU, Mingyue Michelle

Dean (Graduate School)


  1. PI of RGC-Funded GRF project: Youth digital literacy practices, online social networking and well-being: antecedents, patterns and interplay. HK$820,226 (2024-2026)

  2. PI of RGC-funded GRF project: Investigating Adolescents’ Digital Citizenship through Social Media: (Trans)Formation, Digital Literacy Practices and Influential Factors. HK$1,095,862 (2023-2025)

  3. PI of RGC-funded GRF project: The interplay of language-in-education policy, language ideology and linguistic practices within discourse of internationalization in higher education – a comparative study. HK$ 623,992 (2018-2020).

  4. PI of PICO-Funded Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round): A Foucauldian Perspective on Citizenship and Identity (Re) Construction among University Students in Social Movements in Hong Kong. HK$458,735 (2020)

  5. PI of Multi-disciplinary Research Capacity Building Scheme proposal: Wellbeing in Online Social Networking”.  HK$646,479 (1 Sept 2022-31 Aug 2025) (1-55-0A429)

  6. PI of CRAC project: Investigating digital literacy practices and pre-service teachers’ identity construction: Pre-service teachers’ digital literacy competence and integration of digital literacy into teaching. HKD 1,624,000 (2022-2024)

  7. Co-PI of TDG project at the University level: An integrated identity project for preparing interculturally competent foreign language teachers. HK$626,600 (2020-2022)

  8. PI of SCOLAR funded project (Education Bureau) (Reference No.: EDB(LE)/P&R/EL/175/9): The Effects of Family Socialisation on Second-Generation South Asian Adolescents in Hong Kong: Academic Identity Construction and Second Language Learning. HK$1,022,254 (2018-2021)

  9. PI of RGC-funded GRF project: Second Language(s) Learning Motivation and Identity Construction of Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong. HK$368,500 (2014-2016).

  10. PI of Research Cluster Fund (RFC-EdUHK) (Reference No.: RG 76/2019-2020R): Establishing a Research Cluster on Language, (im)Mobility and Internationalised Higher Education in the Post-Globalization Era (Co-Is: Professor Chiu Ming Ming; Professor Tong Ho Kin; and Dr LO Yat Wai (2020-2021)

  11. Co-I of GRF project: Family resilience of Hong Kong low-income families with adolescent children: The role of positive youth development attributes. Funded by RGC General Research Fund, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong (2023-2026)

  12. Co-I of PICO-Funded PPR project(Special Round): Hong Kong Junior Secondary School Students' Attitudes Towards and Engagement in Political Activities Involving Violence and Destruction: The Associated Individual, Family, and School Factors from a Positive Youth Development Perspective" (PI: Dr Yu Lu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) HK$HKD$455,580.55 (2020).

  13. Co-I of PICO-funded PPR project: Impact of short-term study in mainland China programme on Hong Kong local university students’ intercultural competence, perception and attitude about mainland China, and national identity (PI: Dr Yu Lu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) HK$594,435 (2018-2020).

  14. Co-I of SCOLAR funded project (Education Bureau): Supporting ethnic minority students’ Chinese language learning through enhancing extramural Chinese social media use. (PI: Dr Lai Chun, the university of Hong Kong) HK$2,211,832 (2018-2020)

  15. Co-I of World Universities Network (WUN) Project Funding (PI: Dr Kristine Horner): Multilingualism & Mobility in the Northern & Southern Hemispheres (2015-2016), working with researchers from the following universities: University of Sheffield, University of Cape Town, University of Auckland, University of Southampton, University of Alberta, University of Sydney, University of Leeds, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Luxembourg.

  16. Co-I of World Universities Network (WUN) Project Funding (PI: Professor Suresh Canagarajah): Negotiating Multilingual Identities in Migrant Professional Contexts (2012-2013), working with researchers from the following universities: Penn State University, Bristol University, University of Cape Town, Leeds University, University of Rochester, University of Sydney, University of Wisconsin at Madison, York University.

  17. Co-I of Knowledge Transfer Project Funding (PI: Professor Maria Siu Mi Tam): lnterculturalism and Motherhood: Agents of Change in Multicultural Hong Kong (2017-2018)