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Multilingual Learners’ Monolingual Becoming across Spaces: Toward Dismantling the Monolingual Habitus

  • 05 Dec, 2023
  • Tai Po Campus B4-Lp-08 and Online (via ZOOM)
  • Lecture
  • English
  • Professor Guofang Li
  • The Departemtent of English Language Education
  • Graduate School of EdUHK

In this Presentation:

Professor Guofang Li illustrate the complex workings of monolingual reproduction by highlighting the power of language ideologies and habitus in the context of globalization and superdiversity. She used data from several mixed-methods studies on mainstream teachers, afterschool reading programs, and multilingual families’ language ideologies and practices to show how the overlooked and invisible monolingual habitus operates across multiple home, school, and afterschool program spaces and shapes multilingual students’ monolingual becoming in superdiverse schools and communities.