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Call for Participation: English Microteaching Video Competition

  • 17 Nov, 2021 - 15 Apr, 2022
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Submission for the English Microteaching Video Competition is now open!

The EdUHK Online Class Platform Project (FHM, EdUHK) is launching a competition for English microteaching videos. Winning microteaching videos will receive Wellcome Vouchers totalling up to $1000 plus an award certificate. If you have a microteaching video or would like to create one, do not hesitate to join the competition!

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The competition is open to all English major students from BEd(EL), BA(LS)&BEd(EL) or English major PGDE programmes. Both primary and secondary strand students are eligible to participate.


Criteria of Award:

Candidates are expected to demonstrate clear evidence of -

  1. Effective lesson design to engage/inspire/impact students’ learning, including satisfactory design of activities for student interaction;
  2. Effective use of e-teaching tools, e-resources, apps, etc. to enhance students’ learning experience;
  3. Effective demonstration of creative or innovative teaching;
  4. Content is appropriate for local primary or secondary school students; and
  5. English includes accurate use of grammatical and lexical resources, model pronunciation, stress and intonation.


Submission Guideline:
Each participant is expected to submit at least one video (duration of each video should be 5 to 10 minutes - not longer) of well-designed and well-taught online/virtual English teaching. Participants are free to choose the platform (such as Zoom) and e-resources they use. Please submit a URL link to a video in your Google Drive account. Be sure to set permissions to allow access to view your video.

Submission Deadline: 15 April 2022

1 Grand Prize$1000 Wellcome Voucher Prize and a Certificate
1 First Prize$800 Wellcome Voucher Prize and a Certificate
1 Second Prize$600 Wellcome Voucher Prize and a Certificate
1 Third Prize$400 Wellcome Voucher Prize and a Certificate