General Research Fund(GRF) / Competitive Ear-marked Research Grant (CERG)* / Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Investigators Year Amount (HKD) 項目標題
Chan King Chung Derwin 2024/25 742,336 A Mixed-Method Longitudinal Study of Children’s Swimming Competence: Testing an Integrated Health Psychology Model of Motivation and Social Cognition
Fong Yui Chi 2024/25 818,720 Orthographic Executive Functions: A Missing Component for Understanding Early Writing Ability in Chinese?
Gao Xiaozi 2024/25 588,686 From Home to the Classroom: An Investigation of the Relation between Environmental Chaos and Children’s Executive Function.
Hu Xinyun 2024/25 848,908 Refine and Evaluate a Pedagogical STEM Toolkit for Young Children’s Spatial Reasoning: A Design Experiment
Kong Siu Hang Eric 2024/25 753,382 Exploring the Role of Cultural and Social Capital in Inequalities of Children’s Arts Education: A Comparative Study in the Greater Bay Area
Lau Yi Hung Eva 2024/25 994,992 An Integrated Approach to Enhancing Executive Functions and School Readiness in Hong Kong Preschoolers: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study
Lee Kerry 2024/25 781,222 The Impact of Parental Stress, Parenting Practices, and the Provision of Learning Environments on the Development of Working Memory in Kindergarten-aged Children
Li Yixun 2024/25 882,000 Orthographic Learning in First and Second Languages: Re-thinking and Re-evaluating the Self-teaching Hypothesis with Evidence from Chinese-English Bilingual Children
Dr. Chan Yunchen Jenny 2023/24 1,164,060 Playful Learning of Math Equivalence: Design, Testing, and Analysis of a Game with Children and Caregivers
Dr. Cheung Sum Kwing 2023/24 1,039,200 One Stone, Three Birds? Effects of Joint Play of Digital Versus Non-digital Number Board Games on Young Children, Parents and Their Relationship
Prof. Chung Kevin Kien Hoa 2023/24 864,000 How Do Math Learning Gaps Arise in Preschool Years? The Multiplicative Roles of Family Environment, Cognitive Skills, and Math-specific Skills
Dr. Yang Wei Peng 2023/24 855,296 Robot Programming Through Play: Effects on Kindergarten Children’s Engagement and Computational Thinking
Dr. Lam Chun Bun Ian 2022/23 675,000 Parental Problematic Use of Smartphones and Child Internalizing Symptoms and Externalizing Behaviors: Towards a Comprehensive Model
Dr. Lam Ho Cheong 2022/23 493,976 Innovative Pedagogy for Teaching Chinese Characters: An Interventional Study to Test Variation Theory
Dr. Li Jianbin 2022/23 895,026 Occupational Well-being in Hong Kong Beginning Early Childhood Educators: A Synthesized Model Integrating Job Demands, Job Resources, and Self-Control
Dr. Yang Wei Peng 2022/23 762,634 Effects of a Story-Inspired Robotics Coding Curriculum on Children’s Computational Thinking and School Readiness Skills
Dr. Alfredo Bautista Arellano 2021/22 1,134,700 'Rhythm and Movement for Self-regulation' (RAMSR) in Hong Kong Kindergartens from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Dr. Fong Yui Chi Cathy 2021/22 1,045,000 Parent-child Book Reading: A Structured Home Context to Stimulate Executive Functions of Kindergarten Children?
Dr. Lam Chun Bun Ian 2021/22 649,740 Resilience in Families Amid Economic Downturns: A Synthesized Model
Dr. Lau Yi Hung Eva 2021/22 391,192 Transition to Parenthood: Testing the Influence of Emotional Regulation on Responsive Parenting through a Moderated Mediation Model
Prof Chung Kevin Kien Hoa 2020/21 770,000 Beyond Language Skills, What are the Cognitive Skills and Environmental Risk Factors Contributing to Literacy Skills in Chinese Children at Family Risk of Syslexia?
Dr. Catherine Capio 2020/21 621,814 The Antecedent Role of Movement Proficiency in Child Development: Evidence from a Group-randomised Controlled Trial of a Motor Skills Training Programme for Young Children
Dr. Wong Mun Amanda 2020/21 688,332 Engaging the Victimizer, Victim and Bystander with the Aim of Reducing Bullying among Young Children - "ECE Peace Ambassador Project"
Dr. Ho Choi Wa Dora 2019/20 685,329 Understanding the Practices of Middle Leadership for Quality in Early Childhood: Role, Power and Authority
Dr. Cheung Sum Kwing Sam 2019/20 679,150 Relationships among Parental Beliefs, Home Numeracy Activities, Young Children's Numeracy Skills and Interest
Dr Siu Tik Sze Carrey 2019/20 941,382 Enhancing Emotion Understanding and Theory of Mind via Block Building
Dr. Ng Sau Man Catalina 2018/19 661,750 The Impact of Differential Parenting: A Longitudinal Study of Child and Parent Factors on Children’s Psychosocial Health in Hong Kong
Dr. Zhou Yanling 2018/19 747,900 Writing From the Start: The Writing Readiness Skills in Early Writing Development for L1 and L2 Chinese Speaking Kindergarten Children
Dr. Fong Yui Chi Cathy 2017/18 $355,706 The Unique Role of Cognitive Flexibility in Chinese Reading Acquisition among Hong Kong Preschoolers
Dr. Ho Choi Wa Dora 2017/18 $730,108 The Emergence of Middle Leadership in Early Childhood Education: Role, Power and Authority
Dr. Lau Yi Hung Eva 2017/18 $412,960 Coercive Parenting, Child Temperament, and Child Aggression: A Mixed Methods and Two-wave Longitudinal Study
Dr. Ng Sau Man Catalina 2016/17 $994,235 The effects of workplace bullying on Chinese children's health, behaviors and school adjustment via parenting: A longitudinal study.
Dr. Wong Kwok Shing Richard 2016/17 $671,200 Investigating the role of language distance and socioeconomic status on the development of language proficiency and ease of word retrieval in multiple languages in trilingual speakers of Cantonese, English and Putonghua.
Dr. Cheung Hun Ping Rebecca 2015/16 $305,160 Creative pedagogy: An investigation of teachers’ beliefs and practices in preschool settings
Prof. Chung Kevin Kien Hoa 2015/16 $1,479,000 In search of profiles and subtypes of dyslexia in dual-language adolescent readers
Sun Jin & Ng Sui Ngan Sharon (Collaborator) 2015/16 $1,046,160 Early income - achievement gap in Hong Kong: The role of self-regulation
Dr. Lam Chun Bun Ian 2014/15 $196,720 Parental Emotion Socialization: The Roles of Fathers, Parental Gender Attitudes, and Child Temperament
Dr. Lau Yi Hung Eva 2014/15 $662,000 A Longitudinal Study of Parental Involvement and School Adjustment during the Transition to School
Dr Zhang Xiao 2014/15 $830,150 Linking Quantitative, Spatial, and Linguistic Skills to Number and Arithmetic Competence: Toward a Mediation Model for Predicting Early Mathematics
Dr. Leung Cheung Shing Sam & Dr. Wong Yuen Fan Lornita 2013/14 $618,000 Expression of refusals by Cantonese preschoolers
Dr. Wong Kwok Shing Richard 2013/14 $688,500 A 2-year intervention program to target Hong Kong bilingual children's oral vocabulary and phonological awareness in English
Dr. Wong Yuen Fan Lornita & Dr. Leung Cheung Shing Sam 2012/13 $391,600 Development of Cantonese request strategies by Hong Kong Pakistani preschoolers
Dr. Li Yuen Ling Joyce 2011/12 $369,012 Leadership for learning: understanding teacher leadership in ECE settings
Dr. Leung Cheung Shing Sam & Dr. Wong Yuen Fan Lornita 2010/11 $536,257 Encoding motion events in child Cantonese
Dr. Ho Choi Wa Dora 2010/11 $324,413 Effective teacher leadership for curriculum change in Chinese kindergartens
Dr. Leung Cheung Shing Sam & Dr. Wong Yuen Fan Lornita 2006/07 $642,840 Development of requests in Cantonese pre-school

Other Competitive Government Grants

Quality Education Fund (QEF)

Investigators Year Amount (HKD) 項目標題
Dr. Chung Kevin Kien Hoa, Dr. Wong Man Yee Emmy, Prof. Lawrence Lam & Dr. Anita Tsui 2015/16 $1,015,000 Socio-emotional well-being of early childhood (SEWEC) project
Dr. Cheung Hun Ping Rebecca, Ms. Cheung Lai Ha Lily & Ms. Ching Pui Sun Christina 2011/12 $679,500 Teaching for creativity: Promoting creative practices in preschool classrooms and the processes of change
Dr. Lam Mei Yung Hazel, Dr. Choi Cheong Ben, Ms. Ho Joyce, Dr. Lai Yuk Ching Eva, Dr. Leung Wai Man Vivienne, Ms. Leung Yuk Lan Edith, Ms. Mou Wai Pik Peggy, Dr. Tam Po Chi Pansy & Dr. Wong Kwok Sai Tricia 2009/10 $5,483,100 Enhancing young children's language learning and development through quality integrated multi media educational programmes
Dr. Li Yuen Ling Joyce 2007/08 $1,614,300 Fostering and assessing young children’s moral and social development: Enhancing early childhood organizations’ knowledge of implementing and evaluating programme innovations

Health and Medical Research Fung (HMRF)

Investigators Year Amount (HKD) 項目標題
Dr CHAN King Chung Derwin 2019-21 927,360 Effectiveness of A Theory-Driven Smartphone Application on Orthopaedic Patients’ Motivation and Adherence to Medical Regimen in Hong Kong: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Dr. Catherine Capio 2019/20 927,798 An Implementation Science Approach to Adapting Healthy Movement Behavior Guidelines for Hong Kong Preschool-aged Children

Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

Investigators Year Amount (HKD) 項目標題
Dr. Ng Sau Man Catalina 2020/21 435,628 Social Reconciliation Readiness and Strategy Preferences Among Hong Kong People: A Mixed Methods Study (Special Round)
Dr. Li Jianbin 2020/21 262,430 University Students' Normative Belief about Aggression: Perspective of the Risk-Resilience Model (Special Round)

Other Externally Funded Projects

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Investigators Year Amount (HKD) 項目標題
Dr. Lau Yi Hung Eva 2021/22 34,300,000 Making a Smooth Transition to Primary School

*The CERG has been renamed as GRF in 2009/10
*The IRG has been renamed as SFG in 2019/20