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News & Events

Education Bureau officials and Mainland expert teachers visited the Department of Early Childhood Education


On March 24, 2023, carrying on a passionate spirit and exchanging for mutual learning, the Community Engagement Team of the Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE) welcomed the Education Bureau with eight Mainland expert teachers to visit ECE, aiming to engage in exchange and exploration activities. The visiting team toured the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC), the Hong Kong Education Museum, and the University Library.  

Activity 1: Welcome speech and Introduction to the University and Department 

Firstly, Dr. Li Jianbin, Associate Head (Community Engagement) of ECE, expressed a warm welcome to the visiting team and introduced The Education University of Hong Kong as well as the Department of Early Childhood Education. This is followed by a programme talk by Dr. Chan Po Lin, Associate Head (Teaching) of the Department. She introduced the department's curriculum system and talent development model.  

Welcome speech and introduction to the department, by Dr. Li Jianbin

Programme talk by Dr. Chan Po Lin


Activity 2: Visit the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC)

Colleagues of ECLC shared their experiences with the visiting team. The Mainland expert teachers also observed the early childhood education classes and gained a detailed understanding of the Center's curriculum and teaching approaches.

Activity 3: Visit the Hong Kong Education Museum

The museum staff gave a detailed introduction to the exhibits, including extracurricular activities with Hong Kong cultural features such as scouting, musical instruments, and sports. This visit deepened expert teachers' understanding of the history of Hong Kong education.

Activity 4: Visit the Library

EdUHK Library organized a tour for the visiting team to showcase future classrooms, the Children's Literature Collection (CLC), and other library resources. Many mainland teachers also found textbooks they used during their early studies, which made them feel nostalgic and connected.

With the relaxation of the pandemic prevention policy, we are eager to collaborate and exchange ideas with more experts, teachers, and practitioners in early childhood education to further enhance our department’s learning and teaching, research, and social impacts as well as to inspire relevant stakeholders locally and regionally.