Research Expertise

Research Expertise

Our research has extensive implications for teaching practice, school policies and educational reforms locally and internationally.

Research interests fall broadly into ten areas: 

Arts and Creativity

Staff Research Areas
Dr Bautisa Arellano Alfredo

Teacher professional development, classroom practices, early childhood teacher education, music education, teacher-child interaction

Dr Cheung Lai Ha Lily

Curriculum and Assessment of Visual Arts

Dr Lau Wing Chi Margaret

Pre-Primary Music

Dr Tam Po Chi Pansy

Drama Education

Dr Wu Shu Chen

Play and Learning

Child Development

Staff Research Areas
Dr Bailey-Lau Po Lin Becky

Social and Emotional Development of Young Children

Dr Chan Po Lin Pauline

Health and Well Being

Dr Cheung Sum Kwing Sam

Numeracy Development, Socio-emotional Development

Dr Fung Wing Kai

Play behaviors, play-based assessment and learning, social emotional development

Prof Lee Kerry

Working memory, executive functioning, mathematical achievement, cognitive developmental psychology, longitudinal data analyses.

Dr Li Jianbin

Antecedents, consequences, mechanisms and development of child and youth self-control; Cultural, familial, and individual influences on child and youth psychosocial adjustment

Dr Siu Tik Sze Carrey

Infants and young children’s social-cognitive development; early sensitivity to music; learning to read

Dr Sun Jin

International Comparisons of Early Child Development and Education; Assessment of Early Learning and Development; Interventions for Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Children; Early Self-Regulation Development; Chinese Socialization

Dr Wong Mun Amanda

Childhood Stress and Coping; Parents, Teachers and Children's Role in Helping Children to Cope with Stress at School

Dr Wu Dandan

Early Spatial Cognition and Language; Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience; Early Language Acquisition; Developmental Psycholinguistics; Constructive Play (early STEM)

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Staff Research Areas
Dr Chan Wai Ling

Transition; Infants and Toddlers Curriculum

Dr Cheng Yuen Ling Elaine

ICT in ECE setting

Ms Fung Sze Wun Serena

Contemporary Early Childhood Teaching Approaches

Dr Ho Joyce

Teaching Approaches

Dr Hu Xinyun Annie

Information Communication Technology; Play-based Learning; Curriculum  

Dr Hui Lai Ping Dorothy

Learning and Teaching; Curriculum Planning

Ms. Kwok Mei Mun Moon

Curriculum, Pedagogy, Teaching and learning, play

Mr Lai Nok Hang Edward

Learning and teaching approaches in ECE

Dr Leung Wai Man Vivienne

Curriculum and Pedagogy; New Technologies in Teaching

Ms Mou Wai Pik Peggy

ECE Curriculum

Ms Saxena Anika

Computational Thinking in ECE; ICT in ECE as developmentally appropriate practice.

Ms Tai Yin Yi Tanny

Contemporary Approaches in Teaching and Learning in ECE; Curriculum Development

Dr Valdez, Jana Patricia

Educational Technology, Positive Psychology

Dr Yang Weipeng

School-based curriculum development, early childhood curriculum innovation, curriculum hybridisation, pedagogical interaction, design and evaluation of curricular and pedagogical programmes or approaches

Family and Community

Staff Research Areas
Dr Cheung Yuen Man Rebecca

Culture, family, and psychological correlates of mental health

Dr Lam Chun Bun Ian

Family Relationships 

Dr Lau Yi Hung Eva

Parental Involvement; Home-School Collaboration; School Transition

Prof Saltmarsh, Sue Okerson

Childhood studies, parent-school engagement, violence in family, school and community contexts, cultural studies in education

Health Promotion and Well-being

Staff Research Areas
Dr Capio Catherine Mamaid

Motor development, motor learning, physical literacy

Dr Chan King Chung Derwin

Psychology of sport, exercise, and health

Dr Cheung Yuen Man Rebecca

Culture, family, and psychological correlates of mental health

Dr Ng Sau Man, Catalina

Child Health and Mental Health 

Language and Literacy

Staff Research Areas
Dr Lam Ho Cheong

Learning Chinese Characters; Phenomenography and Variation Theory; Designing Technology for Learning

Ms Law Kit Ying Katie

Cantonese Development of Children(L1 and L2); Learning and Teaching of Chinese

Ms. Lee Sin Sin Carol

Ethnic minority children's Chinese language learning

Dr Leung Lai Mei Zoe

Improving students Second/foreign language proficiency

Dr Li Yixun Annie

Language Development and Reading Intervention in L1 and L2

Dr Ng Mei Lee

Second Language Acquisition; Home Literacy; Collaboration between Native English Teachers (NET ) and Local Teachers

Dr To-Chan Sing Pui Tikky

Early Writing Development in Chinese

Ms Woo Yuen Shan

Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education

Dr Zhou Yanling

Early Literacy Development, Chinese as a L1 and L2, English as a L1 and L2

Leadership, Policy and Professional Development

Staff Research Areas
Dr Han Chung Wai Christina

Leadership and Management; Technologies and Innovative Pedagogies; Early Childhood Education

Ms Ho Ka Man Carman

Sustainability of Human Capital in Early Childhood Education

Ms Lam Pui Ching Jessie

Leadership in Early Childhood Education; Professional Development 

Dr Tsui King Yuk Anita

Learning & Teaching in Early Childhood Education

Dr Wong Kwok Sai Tricia

Leadership and Management, Teacher Training and Job Stress

Play and Growth

Staff Research Areas
Dr Bautisa Arellano Alfredo

Early childhood education, curriculum, pedagogy, teacher education, professional development, arts and creativity, play

Dr Chan Po Lin, Pauline

Children’s emotional adjustment, the professional identity change of early childhood educators, children’s learning

Dr Cheng Yuen Ling, Elaine

Learning and teaching in early childhood education, information technology in early childhood education, early childhood curriculum

Ms Fung Sze Wun, Serena

Contemporary teaching approaches in ECE, learning and teaching in ECE, play and learning in ECE, multicultural education

Dr Fung Wing Kai

Play behaviors, play-based assessment and learning, cognitive, social, and emotional development, parent-child relationships

Dr Lam Pui Ching, Jessie

Educational management and leadership, teacher professional development, play-based learning, theory and practice of play work

Dr Wu Shu-chen

Play and learning, comparative early childhood education, teachers and parents beliefs, children’s perspectives

Special Needs Education

Staff Research Areas
Ms Cheng King Hin Catherine

Art Therapy

Dr Chu Sing Wa Steven

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyslexia 

Prof Chung Kien Hoa Kevin

Learning difficulties in particular to dyslexia; Literacy acquisition; Assessment and instruction; Cognitive, social, and emotional development; Early child development and education, and Psycholinguistics.

Dr Fong Yui Chi Cathy

Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Dr Lai Yuk Ching Eva

Inclusive Education; Early Childhood Special Education

Mr Lau Chin Wai Eugene

Linguistic Characteristic of Children with High Functioning Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Inclusive and Special Education, Learning and Teaching

Ms Nip Ling Kai Carman

How to help SEN students from training

Teacher Education

Staff Research Areas
Ms Hau Wing Yan Joyce

Non-Chinese Speaking Students, Ethnic Minorities, Multicultural and Intercultural Education

Ms Leung Tuen Yung Iris

Teacher's soft skill

Dr Tam Mei Ngan Tammy