Quality Education Programme For Kindergarten Students: “From Self-cultivation To Qijia” (Donated by Tin Ka Ping Foundation)
1 August 2017 - 31 July 2018

Sponsoring Body

Tin Ka Ping Foundation



Target Group

Pre-service Teachers

Project Introduction

This programme aims at promoting moral education. A series of teaching materials are developed, particularly on the traditional values of  “Self-cultivation” and “Qijia”, supplemented by a parent-child interactive mobile game app. The incorporation of the teaching materials with innovative teaching strategies contribute to a healthy growth of the younger generation.


  • Produced teaching materials on family values, such as picture books, which parents are allowed to employ;
  • Developed parent-child Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app; and
  • Organized talks and seminars for teacher professional development.
  • Seminar

    A seminar on the effective use of picture books was held. 

    Mobile App Introduction