Life Education Program for Parents “Bridge: Stories Connecting with Life” (Commissioned by QEF)
31 January 2015 - 31 December 2016

Commissioning Body

  • Quality Education Fund
  • Buddhist Chi King Primary School, Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School and Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary School



Target Group(s)

Teachers and Parents

Project Introduction

The project has several objectives:

  • To support planning of Life Education and Parent Education initiatives in accordance with school needs;
  • To facilitate sharing of good practices, and provide necessary professional development workshops for both teachers and parents;
  • To assist schools in the development of assessment packages for Life Education and Parent Education; and
  • To apply personal development as a point of impact with the view to extend such impact into a familial setting, and thus to foster communication between family members.
  • Benefited 2000 students, 400 parents, and 150 teachers;
  • Built up a team of parent volunteers to assist in the development of Life Education in school and in a familial setting;
  • Established a professional Life Education team formed by parents and teachers who share the same idea in creating a better growth environment to students; and
  • Launched as CRSE’s first project focusing on parents’ critical role in Life Education.



Teacher Professional Development Workshops on Story Telling and Parent Education

Teacher Professional Development Workshops