Provision of Services for Government Primary Schools on Life Education in 2019/20 School Year (Commissioned by EDB)
27 - 28 November 2019
Course Outline

Commissioning Body

The Education Bureau, HKSAR



Target Group(s)

34 Government Primary School Heads and Teachers

Project Introduction

The Programme aims to enable participants to gain a better understanding of concepts on Life Education, including:

  • Personal and professional growth for the development of comprehensive school-based Life Education programmes;
  • Effective approaches or learning activities for the implementation of Life Education in primary schools;
  • Essential theories, knowledge and pedagogies, and the latest development of Life Education.
  • Enlarged the Centre’s service groups as this project is first of its kind in approaching Government schools;
  • Enhanced teachers’ personal and professional growth;
  • Strengthened teachers’ understanding of essential ideas, knowledge and teaching methods of Life Education, and provided up-to-date information; and
  • Benefited 109 teachers from Government Primary Schools in Hong Kong

Organization Visit︰Methodist Centre for Quality Life Education

School Visit︰North Point Methodist Primary School

School Visit︰King’s College Old Boys’ Association Primary School No. 2