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Doctor of Education (EdD) - Language Education (Chinese)














1. Summary


Programme:Doctor of Education (EdD)
Proposed Title:語文教育(中文)
Language Education (Chinese)
Specialized Area:Language Education (Chinese)
Affiliated Faculty:Faculty of Humanities (FHM)
Offering Department(s):The Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL)
Admission Requirements / Prerequisites:In addition to the general admission requirements for the EdD programme of EdUHK, the specific entry requirement for EdD in Language Education (Chinese) is a Master’s degree in the area of Education or Chinese Language, or other relevant areas as deemed appropriate by CHL. Priority will be given to applicants with relevant work experience or a good publication record.
Credit Points:Students are required to complete a total of 72 credits to obtain the EdD degree.


2. Aims and Objectives


The proposed specialized area aims at:

  • equipping students with up-to-date theories and methodologies in Chinese Language Education;

  • providing students with quality courses and supervision in their studies on teaching Chinese as L1 / L2 and subject knowledge in Chinese Language;

  • cultivating students’ ability to conduct research independently and apply theories to professional practice; and

  • enhancing students’ capacity for analyzing and resolving issues related to Chinese Language Education.


3. Learning Outcomes


The programme will help students acquire:

  • an integrated knowledge foundation in Chinese Language Education which incorporates both educational issues and subject knowledge;
  • a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical developments in the area of teaching Chinese as L1 / L2;

  • a good ability to translate research findings into practical knowledge and skills within workplace contexts; and

  • a multi-perspective to search for innovative approaches to current issues related to Chinese Language Education.


4. Structure of Specialization and Courses Involved


To complete the EdD programme, students are required to complete a total of 72 credits, and the programme structure of the EdD is provided below:

Taught Core CoursesConceptualizing Research3
Research Methods I3
Research Methods II3
2 Specialized Courses6
2 Elective Courses6

Research Seminars 

Seminars for Thesis Writing and Knowledge Transfer ^



Development in Thesis Proposal6



^ Research Seminars: For students admitted in 2019/20 and before
   Seminars for Thesis Writing and Knowledge Transfer: For students admitted in 2020/21 and thereafter


To attain the proposed specialzed area, students are required to complete two specialized courses (each 3cps) and two elective courses(each 3cps). Course outline of each course is set out as appendix.


5. Attendance Requirement


The EdD programme adheres to the University’s General Academic Regulations (GAR) on class attendace, which stataes that individual course lecturers may specify their attendance requirements when necessary. Students who are absent for a prolonged period in a course without prior permission will be given a grade F (Fail) by their course lecturers. Where special circumstances require students to take a leave of absence exceeding seven days but less than one semester, students must seek approval from the Programme Leader by submitting a leave application form.


6. Delivery Methods


The EdD programme will be delivered in various ways, including lectures, tutorials, class presentations, group discussions, essays, assignments, learning portfolio, etc. As a doctoral level programme, the EdD programme will promote student-centred teaching and learning via guided study, which involves self-study by the student with periodic guidance and one-to-one tutoring from an instructer. To meet the graduation requirements, the student will write a thesis under the guidance of the supervisor(s) and pass the viva examination organized by the Graduate School.


7. Assessment Requirements


Below is a list of specialized courses with assessment:

Mandatory Courses
Course Title

CHI8718 中國語文教育的理論與觀點

Theory and Perspectives in Chinese Language Education


a. 學習檔案(個人) (50%)



b. 論文(個人) (50%)


Course Title

CHI8716 漢語語言學研究

Issues in Chinese Language Studies


a. 研習漢語語言學文獻 (50%)


  • 概括文獻主要內容
  • 分析和評估文獻所用的理論和方法


b. 論文 (50%)




Elective Courses
Course Title

CHI8715 中國語文課程:教材、教學及評估

Chinese Language Curriculum: Teaching Materials, Instruction and Assessment

Course Title

CHI8717 漢語專題研究

Special Topics in Chinese Language