Exhibitions | Jan 2019

The idea behind the Glass Room is to connect daily life with art practices, or blur the boundary between everyday life and art-making. All artworks are the unique brainchild of the curators by gathering student artists' lives and thoughts. By turning the pieces made of glass into geometric-shaped water droplets. We hope to express that each piece of work is the heart of our efforts and creativity.


The exhibition explores the interdisciplinary relationship between visual arts and music by presenting an interactive environment composed of audio-visual artworks. Apart from this, we also have prepared workshops for the audience to experience the process of glass art creation.


We present the beauty of glass by using recycled glass, light and reflection in the exhibition. Glass has been an intriguing media to work with. We experience glass everyday in many different forms. Due to the material's transparency and purity, objects made of glass hold the potential to imply conceptual and philosophical values. 


GLASS stands for gratify, life, art, sound and story.