Volume 5 Issue 2

Aug., 2004

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Editorial Board





The recent reform of school science curriculum in China


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Lingbiao GAO


Academic Articles



Developing Physics learning activities for fostering student creativity in Hong Kong context


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Vivian Mo Yin CHENG


Exemplary Teaching Methods



A creative teaching approach for measuring height


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Cheng-Chih CHEN and Chia-Chi HSU



The exemplar of Science Day activity on “Electricity and Living” (Primary 4)


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 May Hung CHENG and Hing Lun TSOI


General Articles and Multimedia Resources


Discussion and analysis of physics examination questions under the new curriculum standards for high school entrance examinations


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HongYing LU and XianQiu WU



Science, Technology and Society – An authentic exploration on IR thermometers application in schools


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Isaac Pak Hoi TSE, Winston Kwok Kuen LEUNG and Shing Yi CHAN



Solving geometry problems via mechanical principles


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Yiu Kwong MAN



A riddle about the World Year of Physics


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Wheijen CHANG



Assessing primary science learning: beyond paper and pencil assessment


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Winnie Wing Mui SO





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