Volume 3 Issue 2 December, 2002

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[Full Text in English] Editorial Board 



Some key questions with no easy answers

[Full Text in English] Greg THOMAS


Academic Articles  
Assessment of student work in Science

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] May CHENG

Packaging constructivist Science teaching in a curriculum resource

[Full Text in English] Peter AUBUSSON and Kevin WATSON


General Articles and Multimedia Resources
Using toys and surprise events to teach about air and flight in the primary school

[Full Text in English] Russell TYTLER

The concept and framework on the development of a cross-disciplinary curriculum for Guangzhou primary schools

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Xi MAI

A brief report on the first physics experiment design competition by high school students in Guang Dong

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Xiaojun WANG, Zhiwen TANG and Jianlv ZHONG

Comparison of environmental studies programmes between universities in mainland China and Hong Kong

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Eric Po Keung TSANG and Xiao-yong CHEN

"Green Schools" in China

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Fang XIAO

Effective learning strategies to support children's construction of science concepts

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Winnie Wing Mui SO

A new way of computing power supply's electromotance and internal resistance

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Lifei LAI, Xiaojun WANG and Xianqiu WU

The application of electronic insect catcher in teaching university Physics

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Daujeng LWO

Where is light? A survey on the alternative conception of light and shadow

[Full Text in Chinese] [English Abstract] Tian WANG and Yuandong XIE

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