Food Waste Recycling
Starting from Septemeber 2013, all the food waste generated from the catering outlets on Tai Po Campus will be collected for recycling.


Green Guidelines for Events of the University
The Guidelines aims to facilitate departments and students bodies of the Institute to integrate green practices into major events of the University


Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC)
HKSCC is a forum for the sharing of information and best practices among higher education institutions in Hong Kong. HKSCC also provides a platform for reporting on environmental performance and serves as the implementing body of the Hong Kong Declaration.

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EdUHK has received the IAQwi$e Label/Certificate in "Class of Excellence" since 2008 for demonstrating commitment to a high indoor air quality.

EdUHK has received the Wastewi$e Label/Certificate in "Class of Excellence" since 2010 for demonstrating commitment to waste reduction.


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