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The Jockey Club "Diversity at Schools" Project Learning Support Team’s Annual Professional Sharing event


The Annual Professional Sharing event was successfully held on 26 Aug 2023 at the Regal Riverside Hotel by The Jockey Club "Diversity at Schools" Project Learning Support Team. The event was an opportunity for the participating schools in this project to come together and share their expertise, insights, and best practices in catering for learner diversity, as well as their past year’s experiences in the Year 2 of the project. A total of 100 guests from 25 project schools attended the event.

The event kicked off with Dr Phil Liu Duo, Associate Professor and Head of SEC delivering an opening speech followed by a welcome speech from Principal Franky Poon Kai Cheung, the Project Lead. Each of the Year 2 project schools were presented with a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge their committed participation throughout the past year.

The highlight of this event involves reflection sharing of the Year 2 project outcomes by Dr Hastings Chim Ho Yeung the Learning Support (LS) Team Convener, Dr Ho Fuk Chuen the LS Team Consultant, LS Team Case Managers Dr Sharon Leung Sheung Kwan, Dr Siu Fung Lin, Principal Ching Sau Man and Principal Chan Wai Man, and the project schools.  These schools actively shared with passion and gratitude on how the LS Team provided practical school-based support for their school in the past two years, including co-development of teaching materials, development of assessment/evaluation mechanism, lesson observations with feedback, seminars for teacher development and LSA (Learning Support Assistant) mentorships as well as a range of customized support to address their school-based needs.

The reflection sharing elicited meaningful discussions amongst the schools on planning for collaboration in the coming Year 3 of the project in which the schools genuinely expressed their expectations on which domains to be supported and prioritized. The schools thanked the LS Team for their efforts and support over the past year and enthusiastically shared their positive experiences in this project. They claimed that the professionals of the LS Team provided valuable advice to their school, and the teachers' responses to the project have been positive.

Overall, the event was a great success. The LS Team had the opportunity to formally thank the schools for joining the project and for providing their trust in them. The guests had a wonderful time in connecting and exchanging ideas with other schools and in gaining further insights on catering for learner diversity.

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