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Anti-drug Abuse Lesson Plan Competition for Primary/ Secondary Schools (Phase 1)

Contest Objectives: 
Contest Objectives:  This competition aims to encourage prospective teachers to share their knowledge of the harmful effects of drug abuse to students, enhance student's understanding of illicit drugs, drug abuse prevention and drug trafficking, as well as to cultivate anti-drug values to help them avoid drugs in their daily life through the creation of an anti-drug lesson plan for upper primary/secondary students. The winning lesson plans will have the opportunity to be used by primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

EdUHK Students (Teams of 1 to 4 participants)


Chinese and English Group


The following awards and prizes will be given to each of the English and Chinese group:

· Champion (one): Nintendo Switch (OLED) Splatoon 3 Edition & Award Certificate (Valued at HKD 2,740)

· 1st Runner up (one): Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) & Award Certificate (Valued at HKD 1,849)

· 2nd Runner up (one): Marshall Willen Wireless Speaker(Black & Brass) (Valued at HKD 999) & Award Certificate (Valued at HKD 999)

· Merit Award (ten): HK$200 gift voucher from Eslite Bookstore & Award Certificate for each person or group

Content and specifications:

1. The content of the lesson plan should be suitable for teaching upper primary/secondary students and must be related to elements such as drug knowledge, anti-drug, drug abuse prevention and/or drug trafficking etc.
2. A fixed time allocation of 35 minutes per period, and the suggested contents include a lesson plan, a PowerPoint presentation, student activities and worksheets.
3. There is no restriction on the format of lesson plan, which can be created and designed using multimedia (e.g. video, animation).
4. The lesson plan must be written in either Chinese or English according to the category you applied for (Chinese or English group).
5. The lesson plan must be original and not infringe on any copyright.
6. The source of reference must be clearly stated in the lesson plan and refer to the APA format.
7. Please click here to download the lesson plan template. Please add additional pages if there is not enough space.

Selection method:

The lesson plans collected will be preliminarily reviewed by the staff of the I-WELL Centre, and final judging will be conducted by Professor Leung Chi Hung of the Department of Special Education and Counselling, Principal Cheung Lai Chu of Tai Po Old Market Public School and Miss Yuen Lai Shan, Officer of the Cheer Lutheran Centre.

Grading criteria:

The judging is based on the following five criteria.

1. Relevance of anti-drug theme (20%)
2. Effectiveness of student learning (20%)
3. Positive Values Education (20%)
4. Creativity and design (20%)
5. Practicability (20%)


Application deadline: Extended to 16th Dec 2022 (Fri), 23:59
Submission deadline: 31st Dec 2022, 11:59 p.m.
Results announcement: Results will be announced in Feb 2023

Application & Submission:

Please complete this form to enroll.

Participants should upload the lesson plan and all materials (attachments or videos etc.) to a folder on cloud storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox etc.) and provide a download link when completing the application form below*. Each participant can only submit one lesson plan. Late submissions will not be accepted.

*Make sure to turn on link sharing settings.

Enquiry: For any enquiry, please contact Mr. Wong (email wcwwong@eduhk.hk or call 2948 8524.)

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