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Webinar: WeCycle III Using Eye-tracking Technology to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Drug Rehabilitation Intervention


Approximately 200 individuals from various sectors of society participated in the online seminar titled "WeCycle III: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Bicycle Rehabilitation through Eye-tracking Technology" held at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) on May 26, 2021. The seminar aimed to provide insights into the effectiveness of bicycle sports in drug rehabilitation and the use of eye-tracking technology to identify drug addiction through eye movements.

Professor Leung Chi Hung, Co-Director of I-WELL, Mr. Cheung Pak Chun, Co-Director/Project Manager of the Lutheran Youth Centre, and registered social worker, as well as Mr. Chow Chak Ki, Senior Research Assistant of I-WELL, were invited to deliver presentations and share their expertise.
The participants of the seminar included current teachers, prospective teachers, students, social workers, staff members, and other members of the public. During the seminar, Professor Leung shared the method of using eye-tracking technology in conjunction with implicit psychological tests to identify drug addicts/recovering addicts' cravings. Mr. Cheung, the project manager of WeCycle, also explained the process of transforming individuals in drug rehabilitation, referred to as "graduates," into bicycle tour guides and volunteers. He also shared the journey of building the WeCycle team spirit step by step through the medium of cycling, highlighting the small but significant milestones achieved along the way.

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