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News & Events

ECE, FEHD and LTCC co-organized the EdUHK Webinar “The Infinite Classroom: Extending Children’s Learning in Early Years”


Date: 26 November 2022 (Sat) 

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. (Hong Kong Time)   

Format: Zoom Webinar 

Language: Cantonese 

Target: Principals and teachers of kindergartens, early childhood educators, parents, staff and students at EdUHK 

Registration: https://bit.ly/3TnoF1b  (Registration deadline: 24 Nov; Limited quota allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.) 

The epidemic has rapidly changed the mode of teaching in early childhood education. It opens up a new teaching and learning approach that combines online, offline and home-school-community collaboration, which enriches the ecology of early childhood education. "Classroom" is no longer limited to a physical entity but has the potential of infinite extension; "adult" is not only a provider of knowledge but a guide for children's learning.  

A Webinar co-organized by FEHD, ECE and LTTC will introduce you with diverse virtual teaching techniques and strategies shared by ECE experts and practitioners. In this webinar, preschool teachers will share their use of school-based teaching videos to extend children's learning. Graduates of the EdUHK will share how to enhance home-school collaboration through virtual teaching. EdUHK lecturers will present preschool education research plans and outcomes to facilitate the public to understand how home-school collaboration can create appropriate learning spaces for young children and equip them to meet the challenges of the future world. 

Sharing Title and Biography of Speaker 

  • Opening Speech 

By Professor LEE Kerry 

Head of Department of ECE, EdUHK 

  • [1] Extending classrooms with a special e-platform for kindergartens 

By Ms. SAXENA Anika, Mr. LAI Nok Hang Edward, Ms. KWOK Mei Mun Moo Moon 

Lecturer of ECE, EdUHK 

  • [2] Facilitating home-school collaboration and children’s learning through the integration of authentic and virtual learning environments 

By Miss NG Ka Wai  

Graduate of EdUHK 

  • [3] Enhancing NGS children’s learning of Chinese and local culture through home-school collaboration and e-learning 

By Miss YUEN Sze Ying 

Graduate of EdUHK 

  • [4] Community of Practice Sharing: E-Learning in ECE 

By Principal WAN Chi Lun 

Women’s Welfare Club Western District Hong Kong Kindergarten 

  • [5] Strengthening the Parent-child Bonding Through Play: A Fruitful Year 

By Teachers Ms CHAN Shuk Ying and Ms LIU Na Na 

Yan Oi Tong Dan Yang Wing Man Kindergarten 

  • [6] STEM Fun: Family and community 

By Dr. HU Xinyun Annie, Dr. LEUNG Wai Man Vivienne 

Assistant Professor of ECE, EdUHK